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44 Thoday Street
25th February 2003

Sir, having read your commentary on `The best places for afternoon tea’ (leisure article, January 12), The Pembroke College Winnie-the Pooh Society have requested that The Times be invited to attend and consider one of our weekly meetings as part of the study.

The Society meets for elevenses every Saturday afternoon of Full Term and members who pay a Pooh Levy, currently set at £1 per year, are able to consume cake and biscuits, accompanied by selection of fine teas. The menu is subject to constant variation, recently, having included not only shortbread, fruit cake and Battenburg, but also black pepper cake, garam masala cake and Schrödinger’s trifle. The immediate surroundings are also prone to change. Due to the society’s use of its various members’ rooms in establishing a venue each week, the décor is given to accommodate all the diverse character and occasional opulence that pervades Cambridge architecture. Furthermore, many of the refreshments we offer are produced using entirely traditional methods in authentic student kitchen facilities.

We believe that our meetings provide the best possible place to drink tea in the afternoon and we would gladly welcome your sampling this experience with us.

Yours faithfully

Dunstan Roberts
Foreign Secretary

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