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44 Thoday Street
7th June 2003

Shirley Pays
Customer Care Officer
Cambridge County Council
Shire Hall
Castle Hill

Dear Ms Pays

I enclose a copy of a correspondence that occurred in 1993 in which we requested that Silver Street be closed in order that our society might participate in games of Poohsticks in relative safety from traffic. However, despite our entreating you of the threat posed to us by inconsiderate motorists, our suggestion was initially rejected on the grounds that we had given insufficient notice. I am now writing, in the light of the council’s recent decision to close Silver Street, to thank you and your colleagues for your most generous provision in accommodating our Poohstick related needs.

Moreover, the additional concession of your closing the road for significantly longer than the one hour previously postulated as sufficient for our activities is ample recompense for the slight delay in your intervention. We realise that matters of such magnitude take a considerable amount of time and effort to put into action, especially when the interests of the motorist are at stake, and supposed this to be the cause of the apparent procrastination on the part of the council.

Although the ten year wait has meant that our predecessors who begun this correspondence are unable to benefit from the fruit of their labours, partly on account of some of them having real jobs, we nevertheless feel highly privileged in receiving this opportunity. We now look forward to many games Poohsticks, played in the safety of a car free Silver Street, and hope for an even closer relationship between our organisations in years to come.

Yours Sincerely

Dunstan Roberts
Foreign Secretary

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