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Millenium Experience

O5 January 2001

Owen Barritt
Pembroke College

Dear Mr Barritt.

Thank you for your letter requesting further information about the future of the Millennium Dome and related assets.

Company law and Government regulations require the Directors of NMEC to obtain the best value for The company's assets. Henry Butcher will be handling NMECs sale of assets and are specialised international auctioneers.
A public auction is scheduled to take place at the Dome site from 27th February to 2nd March 2001.

Details about The auction are available on the Henry Butcher website. www.dome.auction@henrybutcher.com This website will be online from Wednesday December 20th and will initially be an introduction to the auction sale. Specific details will follow mid January and a catalogue of the assets will be available in February.

Further information will also be available via press and media coverage closer to the date of the auction.

Thank you for the interest you have shown in the Millennium Dome.

Yours sincerely

Andrea Evans
Visitor Enquiry Unit Manager

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