Pembroke College, Cambridge, CB2 1RF

28 November 2000

David Wilkerson
Deputy General Manager
20 Trinity Street

Dear Mr Wilkerson

Thank you for your kind letter of 6 November 2000. I must apologise for our delay in replying, but the lack of diaries this year has caused some of our members to become more than a little disorganised.

The Society would like to admit that it had not realised how costly such a product could be for your company and we would certainly not want to cause you nay financial burden. Therefore, we feel that your offer of donation would be a reasonable solution to the problem that faces our members. I can assure you that this has allowed many troubled minds to rest easy, now that the worries of finding such funds have gone.

Currently the society has 44 members, nearly all of whom are feeling the effects of your price increase. We can only do so much to ease their suffering, but your kind donation could help immeasurably.

Thank you again for your help in this matter.

Yours sincerely

Owen Barritt
Foreign Secretary

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