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25th August 1998

Ben M. Parker
Pembroke College,
Cambridge. CB2 1RF

Dear Mr Parker,

While applauding your recent letter to The Times on the threat hanging over Winnie-the-Pooh, I am delighted to discover that Pembroke maintains the College tradition of celebrating the Milne saga.

From 1943-46 or 47 (thereafter, I know not), there flourished the Pembroke Hundred Acre, presided over by the late Peter Goldman as WOL, and peopled by Rabbit, Piglet, Eeyore et al; and indeed, a learned enquiry into the history of the College Debating Society was named after its instigator as the Rabbit Commission. Allusions to these matters were originally included in my contribution to the current Pembroke Martlet (Spring 1998), but some (over-) brisk editing sadly deleted them.

I was one, sir, in this interlude, but my very marginal involvement in the Acre's activities may be deduced from my rather token soubriquet.

With very best wishes to yourself, the Society and the College,

Yours sincerely,

Donald Jones

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