Pembroke College, Cambridge, CB2 1RF

23 February 2001

The Lord Mallard
All Souls College

Dear Sir

It has recently come to our attention that once a century you hold a procession to celebrate the mallard. We would like to commend you on your impressive tradition and invite you to share one of ours.

Being a society dedicated to the works of A. A. Milne we regularly participate in the game of Poohsticks, and would be honoured if a team representing the Mallard Society would join us for a game. The tradition generally involves a procession towards the nearest suitable bridge for several rounds of the game, before a feast of tea and cake.

Should you feel that you could not possibly use sticks we would quite happily allow you to use little wooden Mallards instead, in fact this would assist in identification. The only restrictions we would have to request are that your 'sticks' should be organic and not self propelled.

Should you wish to discuss the game further or organise a suitable date please do not hesitate to contact me. Alternatively, you would be welcome to attend one of our Elevenses Meetings (held every Saturday of Full Term).

We look forward to hearing from you.

Yours faithfully

Owen Barritt
Foreign Secretary

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