Pembroke College, Cambridge, CB2 1RF

21 February 2001

Mr R. J. Langford
Durleigh Sailing Club
c/o 48 Vivary Road

Dear Sir

We recently discovered that during your AGM, you decided to elect the committee of your club in one vote and did not even skip during the election. Therefore, we feel obliged to draw to your attention an alternative way to run your election.

Please find enclosed a copy of our constitution. Note clauses XLVI, XLVIII and the process of election outlined within them. As you can probably see this could take a little longer then your current system, but has many advantages including skipping (as all good elections should have).

Not knowing your system for resolving a tie during elections, we cannot really make any comments on this. However, we assume that this would not include such solutions as a food fight or sumo wrestle and so we suggest that these be added, as they can be the only solution at times.

Should you wish to discuss our system of election further, you would be welcome to attend one of our Elevenses Meetings (held every Saturday of Full Term).

I hope this has been of help.

Yours faithfully

Owen Barritt
Foreign Secretary

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