Minutes of the Pembroke College Winnie-the-Pooh Society Elevenses Meeting held on the 28/04/2002 in Rm 2. 52A Trumpington Street.

Present : Martin, Owen, Roz, Jenny*, Rosy*, Neil, Richard

Apologies : Owen, Roz, Rosie, Andrew, Jenny, Richard

  1. Owen opens the meeting at 4:20pm

  2. Thinking and walking at the same time

  3. Britain is full of dead bodies

  4. Sandstorms in Jurassic park

  5. Martin can't spell Richard

  6. Regenerating cheese cake

  7. Cheese cake on cocktail sticks.

  8. Votes to censure Neil for invading our private space: Passed

  9. Votes to let the visitors vote: Passed

  10. That makes sense: Hung - visitors decide for

  11. There is only one person called Richard in the world: Passed

  12. Techniques for avoiding being asked questions in supervisions

  13. Votes to censure Neil: Passed

  14. Votes to conduct the rest of the meeting in slow motion: Passed

  15. Neil speaks something that sounds like Bulgarian

  16. Martin could fit under Owen

  17. Votes to censure Neil: Passed

  18. Neil suggests Roz was poking bananas into something in order to bruise their ends.

  19. Bananas

  20. Going to war in rowing boats

  21. Email addresses

  22. Mustard

  23. Neil works for Sainsburys

  24. Roz wants to call her duck Neil.

  25. Neil doesn't know what cous cous is.

  26. Staking zebras on shelves

  27. Lord Sainsbury makes Neil stack zebras

  28. We need a spare blow up member

  29. Trojan zebras

  30. Statue of liberty a Trojan person

  31. Vote to make the statue of liberty an honorary member: Hung

  32. Votes to censure Neil for being repetitive: Passed

  33. Votes to censure Owen for being repetitive: Hung

  34. Votes to censure Neil for being cruel to the biscuit: Hung

  35. Should we have a reading now: Failed

  36. Roz wants to wash piglet

  37. Reading: In which Eeyore finds the wolery and owl moves in.

  38. Roz had a mug

  39. Reading: Bad Sir Brian Botany: Owen

  40. Votes to commend Roz for eating it without putting sticky stuff everywhere: Passed

  41. Reading: Huperty: Owen

  42. Reading: The Kings Breakfast: Owen

  43. Reading: Busy: Roz

  44. Reading: A Thought : Owen

  45. Reading: In the fashion : Roz

  46. Reading: The old Sailor : Owen

  47. Next weeks meeting in Rm 7, 6 St. Clements Garden, Thompson's lane.

  48. Votes to close: Passed

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