Minutes of the Pembroke College Winnie-the-Pooh Society Elevenses Meeting held on the 01/06/2002 in M1 and New Court Lawn.

Present : Rosie, Owen, Roz, Martin, Debbie, Neil

Apologies : Jenny

  1. Owen opens the meeting

  2. Roz's book

  3. Kit Smart will think about the invite to the garden party

  4. Antics at the garden party

  5. Stoutness exercises

  6. We are going to read all the stories today: Failed

  7. Votes to commend Martin on giving up a million, billion pounds to be able to write the minutes: Passed

  8. The exams are really over we are just pretending they are not: Passed

  9. Martin has to catch a herbaceous backsun for the Garden Party: Passed

  10. If Neil where orange he would look like orange Owen: Passed

  11. Votes to buy a society copy of the book: Passed

  12. Votes to censure Neil: Passed

  13. Garden Party and Pilgrimage

  14. Fresh fairies would be better: Passed

  15. "Owen do you want to play with me" Roz

  16. They are never going to leave the middle: Passed

  17. Rozie to write to the people who made the game: Passed

  18. Votes to call them both Rozie: Passed

  19. Votes to censure Neil: Hung

  20. Votes to censure Neil: Passed

  21. Votes to censure Neil for ?????: Passed

  22. Votes to forget why that censure was made: Passed

  23. Neil won the game.

  24. Minutes read by all

  25. Richard still owes Rosie 6 and the society 30p

  26. Reading: In which Tigger comes to the forest and has his breakfast

  27. Votes to make Neil go and sit in the shade: Passed

  28. Narrator should be excitable and Roo not.

  29. Exams and there locations

  30. Next weeks meeting somewhere

  31. Revision

  32. Votes to close: Passed

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