Minutes of the Pembroke College Winnie the Pooh Society 23rd April (possibly held in Queens')

Present: Giles, Jack, Naath, Rachel C.,
Apologies: Owen,

1. In the holidays they rearrange the bed so it looks like a hotel, but doesn't have any room.
2. We have two screens. One for work and one for spod.
3. Doctors have a little button you press to give them methodone.
4. Do we have minutes? We have these ones.
5. Books crave shelving!
6. Amiga: next to apple the most powerful music processing machine.
7. Votes to censure the TV licensing company for sending us threatening letters. Passed.
8. Votes to send them threatening letters. Failed.
9. If the foreign secretary isn't there we sacrifice the president to make the new sun come.
10. We should broadcast the meeting over the webcam.
11. Rachel and Naath have one T-shirt each. Jack has two. James has eight.
12. We should sell the T-shits [sic] on ebay. Failed.
13. No! Don't boil the tea, boil the water. If you boil the tea I won't eat it.
14. Tom is moving to entropy.
15. Oblivion's virtual locking system is working quite well so far.
16. Invitations to garden party.
17. Much discussion on whether Jack's head should be shaved, clippered, cut or waxed, and what will make it most strokeable.
18. They're a bookshop? With which coffee chain in, then?
19. You can get college linen, but nobody quite knows how.
20. If a bedder cleans a kitchen when there's no-one there to see it, is it really cleaned? Generally, no it isn't.
21. I have my own linen of linenness. Well, of polycotton nastiness.
22. Ooh, the hob smells. I must do something about that. Repeat.
23. Ooh, there's washing up in the sink. I won't do anything today.
24. The hoover doesn't work. / Have you tried emptying the bag? / YES!
25. Cleans your room in a very wiggly wiggly wiggly fashion like this.
26. So, nothing interesting and nothing about kangaroos. Doh!
27. Kiwi? Well, it does live in that part of the world.
28.    That game. / Tetris? / No, not tetris. Back with DOS. / DOS tetris? / No,
not tetris. There were these things at the bottom of the screen and these
blocks falling and you had to make them go away. / Tetris? / NO! / Brickles? /
Breakout? / Arkanoid? / Yes.
29.    So I shouldn't write any perl scripts this term?
        No please Jack, no! At least, only boring ones.
        Perl is pretty boring. Have you *seen* it?
        Yes, but things it does are fun.
        But maybe not saying "Go back to work!"
        It depends on the work. You can just sit there refreshing, in a masochistic way.
        It's like having a portable mother.
        But with less emotional blackmail.
30. Medic maths. Q. If you have ten fingers and take two away, how many are left? Q. Three patients arrive at the hospital, two ill and one with insurance. How many are admitted? A: It depends how much space you have.
35. One of my friends did medic maths, ie. epidemiology. It was great for him. He got to play with really complicated differential equations *and* go
"Mwahahaha! Die of my little infectious diseases, proles, mwahahaa!" / Jack's friends worry me / *long silence*
31. Oh shit, I actually am CR, aren't I? / Yes, despite not being president it's still all your fault.
32. You're all bastards. / Surely two-thirds of us are bitches? / Doesn't the masculine import the feminine? / Isn't that sexist? / No. / What is the
difference anyway? / One's a female dog, one's an unmarried couple's child -- women can be children of unmarried couples too. / But, when you consider dogs can't marry...
33. That's a really awful wardrobe. Where do you hang your ball dresses? / Uh, bloke. / Uh, skirt. / *Thwap*.
34. I'm supposed to enter into the minute book that people are signatories.
36. How do you spell treasurer? / *untranscribable chorus* / *I* don't.
37. Which bottle of wine would you like me to bring? / I really don't know. Please, choose one yourself... / This? / White Zinfandel? Isn't that what you drink if you're gay and desperate? / *vigorous nodding*
38. Reading: Pu visatum it et in agustias incurrit.
39. Rum tum tiddle -- Katie swaps books -- tiddle um.
40. Rum tum... Wait a minute, we've done this before. We've done them *all* before.
41. Bing, I suppose.
42. Phone: diddle-diddle-diddle. / All: Bing!
43. Votes to close. SECONDED!
44. My girlfriend decided as you were coming round she was going to tidy up and I can't find anything.