Minutes of the Pembroke College, 7th May

Present: Rosy, Rachel H., Naath, Lukshmi, Jon, Jack, James
Apologies: Katie, Owen.

1. Jack Arrives
2. Meeting opened.
3. The eastern front chapter was left out of a book on WWII. The eastern front *chapter*.
4. HSBC don't believe we exist.
5. Trust me. The cashbox is full.
6. Communists are wonderful. We made 6 million left boots.
7. Votes for the small dinner party.
8. Dave Henderson is mentioned
9. Jonathan was going to use his rubber band gun to open the squash.
10. Censure Jack for not standing on a suitable chair - passed
11. Minutes of agm and two weeks ago read by Rachel, Naath and Rosy moderately respectively.
12. Reading: Quo in Capite Tigris in Silvam Advectus, Ientat.
13. Translating a pun into latin, making it rhyme, and scan, and make sense, is basically impossible.
14. There is a french novel written without any "e"s, which someone translated into english, still without any "e"s.
15. I've had lots of people explain when to use semicolons to me, but they were all contradictory.
16. 616. The discounted number of the beast.
17. Voted to Close. Passed.