[Minutes of the PCWtPS Elevenses Meeting Held on Saturday 14th May 2005, in Naath's Room, Newnham College, Cambridge.]

Present: Naath, Jon, Chess, Giles, Jack, Katie, Rachel C.

1. J: I rememebred nearly everything. I forgot the apologies.
1. N: Jack's got his shiny out.
1. Meeting opened.
3. K: Your keyring got more.
4. C: It's an organically growing monster keyring.
5. K: I nearly forgot to come because of exammy doom. I went to the library and forgot it was saturday until quater to two.
6. J: Poor Katie. I can feel the waves of exams coming off you.
7. C: I have vastly insufficient exam doom.
8. N: I need more exam doom!
1. G: I haven't been on IRC for a while because I've been trying to do some work. Trying.
1. N: Spod is warring with work, and spod always wins.
1. N: This is blue lady tea with will shortly be tea. 
1. K: I'm not going to ask you now because you're here and musn't think about anything but poohsoc.
1. J: It was an oppressive forced labour regime, working people to death slowly rather than slicing and dicing.
1. K: Why did you have to choose only papers about horrible ways of killing people you want to get rid of? I realise that covers most of history.
1. K: You should do music. There's almost no dead bodies. R: Unlike archaeology. G: Or medcine.
1. Katie husts for blue lady tea. It's not blue, doesn't contain ladies, and can't be drunk only by blue ladies, and is sold by the tea man except when he's run out. It's summery and thingy, look.
1. In fact, second only to white needle in misnomerality.
1. Minutes read by R.C.
1. K: Between two sentences that... R: Whenever MS Word tells you to.
1. K: Lipogram!
1. K: I don't care, I remembered the word.
1. Commend K for remembering the word. Passed.
1. Sentences with only one of the vowels are called univolcalic. Or Polish.
1. A ten minute discussion on words starting lipo-, acessing cambridge network remotely, entomological dictionaries (sic), anacronistic sophas [sic].
1. Jon husts for fair trade ginger cookies. They are as good for the rest of the world as they are violent.
1. There has been absolutely no news since the election.
1. Way too much politics. Paxman: No-one
1. The democrats are like the tories, and the republicans are like... ummm.
1. Giles tries the tea-cosy on.
1. J: The tea is white in a grey sort of way.
1. Ben husts for Jaffa cakes: obscenity deleted, obscenity deleted, innuendo, jaffa cakes.
1. K: Mmmmm... Jaffa biscuits.
1. RC: Solihull is like the Nazi capital of the west midlands.
1. G: Plus, he was a crap supervisor so all his supervisees had a big push to elect him so they could have a different supervisor.
1. J: We need to unite the silly parties. We can't split the silly vote!
1. Naath husts for white needle: It's supposed to look like that. It comes from the online tea ordering thing. 
1. RC: You've got to love birmingham. There were more postal votes than registered voters in that constituency.
1. K: I only really want to be a black hole because, one, I can master L-space and, two, go ook a lot.
1. N: That's a google search box, you can... No, you can't. Katie: AAAGH! Dvorak.
1. Biscuit vote. Fair trade: 6. Jaffa cakes: 1.
1. Tea vote: White 2. Blue 4. Turnout 86%.
1. Reading: In which eyeore loses a tail. Unfortunately this doesn't make the conversation less dodgy.
1. Naath has a shogoth just to one side of the bed being menaced by a mongoose, which doesn't scan as well as 'on the roof', a filk which is quite good, in comparison to things like "Like a sturgeon."
1. J: But the solar system generally just goes round the sun so it more or less is possible to model. If a confluence of eccentricities conspires to throw mars into the earth we don't really *want* to know it's going to happen.
1. N: And then about ten years later Hubble said "It *is* expanding," and Einstein said 'bollocks'.
1. N: It has ten to the minus large in it, this upper bound.
1. We're students. We exist to pirate software. F:0 A:0 A: 6.
1. Close. 
1. K: Oh sod it. You can have it at mine, then I've done my duty. But you come at 4, you leave at 6, you don't call me Rosy, and you don't call Rosy Katie. 
1. G: To find out the cause of sickle-cell anemia. It was the most fun I've ever had in a computer room. C: You need to get out less.