[Minutes of the PCWtPS Elevenses Meeting held on Saturday 21st May 2005 in Room 2, 62 Jesus Lane, Cambridge.]

Present: Katie, Rosy, Naath, Jack, Jon, Ben, Jenny, Owen, John
Apologies: Giles

1. Voice recognition on cinema booking lines are damned with faint praise.
2. Plum tea is like blue lady tea, but flavoured with plums.
3. And all of a sudden there were five of us, Kat, Katy, Katherine, Mitchie [Meachin] and Sutherland.
4. Mistaken predictive text: I'm going good soon.
5. Rosy does a solar system impression.
6. What? You didn't go to Rome and stand in a big square with people in togas? / No, it was an internet forum.
7. This is Katie's brain... on revision.
8. And his answer came to 9sf, but we only know G to 5sf, unless you're in the wrong part of the cavendish in which case it varies from 6 to 15.
9. If you're going to invent genetically modified wheat you might worry what that does to normal wheat and our wheat economy, but if there's a black hole coming to eat the earth you just say goodbye to your loved ones.
10. What ho! What ho! What ho! Here's a room half full of ex-presidents.
11. Someone will have to have Rachel's mug because I've already put her sugar in someone else's. Is anyone else as confused as me?
12. Exams are a mind altering drug. Passed.
13. Votes to let visitors vote. Passed.
14. All presidents and ex-presidents: Votes for. Oops, force of habit. After you.
15. Poohsoc is good training for real life. There's the meeting that happens and the meeting you write down.
16. At work I start every set of minutes with "In which we..." and no-one gets it.
17. Secretary is a position of power. People who haven't studied Poohsoc or Stalin often miss this.
18. Guess who: I'm looking for someone to flaut with me.
19. We're doing the Damnation of Faust in church. It's kind of inappropriate. / I don't know. It implies selling your soul to the devil is a bad thing. / Good point. But towards the end everything went wrong. / In the play, or on the stage. / Scenery falling down and so forth.
20. So it was a bit spotty towards the end-- / STOP!
21. Censure Jack for that awful pun. Passed.
22. Commend Jack for that awful pun. Passed.
23. I was going to vote "none of the above" but at the last minute had to change my mind and vote "none of the below."
24. Oh no. Anne Campbell isn't going to turn into a talking head, is she?
25. I poled thirty-five light entertainers. / OK, that makes it hard.
26. Peter Snow is the viagara of the BBC. He keeps you up all night with an election.
27. Censure ben. Passed.
28. He's got both hands up. Let's take him prisoner. / No, then we'd have to keep him.
29. Perhaps we should have transferable voting. Your right hand is your primary vote... / NO! / We use one man, one vote. / I am the man. I have the vote.
30. Votes to censure Mad Jenny for running away early in advance. Passed. 
31. Censure ben for very non-pooh related material. Passed.
32. Censure neil 'cos we haven't for ages.
33. Ooh, ooh, ooh, dave henderson.
34. No-one runs poohsoc, it just runs away by itself out of control.
35. Reading. In which piglet is entirely surrounded by water.
36. You know, Ben, the wall behind you would look nice decorated with your brains.
37. That's Owen! He's *another* ex-president.
38. Commend Rosy for the best pronunciation of punctuation we've ever heard. Passed.
39. There was a wedding in chapel, the bride was Maniaque. I imagine them saying: / Do you want to keep your name, darling? / NO!
40. We had a teacher called Angel Pratt. She said "Yes, 'A Pratt'. Laugh now and get it over with," which would have worked fine if she hadn't then jumped on the sideboard and fell in the sink.
41. Owen: I'm wearing four socks and they all match.
42. Ben: We need another alumni bash. / You organise it. Seconded.
43. Commend Rachel for having baby constitution. Passed.
44. We have a McVities voucher... / ex-president: we still have that?!
45. K: As someone once said to me about Dan Brown, you know its bad when someone's wrote a parody before the book came out, and the parody was better than the book.
46. J: I think that was me. Don't worry, I'm flattered, it's happened to me before: it shows at least twice in my life I've said something someone thought worth listening to.