[Minutes of the PCWtPS Elevenses Meeting held on Saturday 18th June 2005 in Ridley Hall, it would seem.]

Present: Estelle, Lukshmi, [Jack, Jon, Owen.]

1. I thought they were peaches but actually they were apricots.
2. But we know if you get an elephant and pour tea on it you get a hot cross bunny. Jack said so.
3. Minutes of the 21st read by Jack, Jon, Estelle and Owen.
4. Alumni bash: that's where we beat alumni with big sticks. Failed (Owen against, 3 abst.)
5. Everything Ben wrote should be erased from the records. Passed (unanimous).
6. Commend Ridley Hall for providing us with balloons. Passed.
7. Owen: Can we censure Ridley Hall for not providing red ones.
8. Commend Moule for providing this Moule Hole for us to sit in.
9. But everyone calls it Mole Hole because that's rhyminger.
10. Censure Sainsbury's for-- Passed.
11. Incinerate "Winnie The Pooh: Count with me." Hung.
12. Reading: "Hundred Acre Homes", "Winnie the Pooh and Friends, too: from the stories of A. A. Milne", "Pooh's Friends" and "Pooh's Good Deeds".
13. We should all have hundred acre homes. Hung.
14. Only one person did Aramaic last year. Passed (unanimous).
15. Commend Ridley hall for providing testaments. Passed.
16. Alison was appointed to keep an eye on Martin to prevent him abusing the constitution.
17. Jon is an elephant, who don't like being swung at by baby spider plants.
18. Votes to close.