Minutes of Elevenses Meeting of the Pembroke College Winnie-the-Pooh Society

In which small denominations are deprecated.

Held on Saturday 3rd May 2008 at Lucy Cavendish Lawn.

Present: CGM, James, Carol, Jack, Ed

  1. Meeting and coffee cake <Minutes 1.3.08> are opened.
  2. The Oxford Degrees are MAs in Philosophy. Seconded. 5-0-0. Carried.
  3. Jack: "Pennies and tuppences should be abolished". 2-2-1. CR decides for.
  4. Jack: "I declare last week's meeting of the Pembroke College Winnie-the-Pooh Society… err…" Ed: "…to have happened". 2-2-1. CR decides for.
  5. CGM says that caterpillars have untanned cuticle.
  6. Stochastic - sarcastic - ironic.
  7. Carbon sequestration by burying trees.
  8. <Minutes of 26.4.08>
  9. Jack: "It will take ages to get through these minutes". 2-1-1-1 [Jack votes twice]. Carried.
  10. REM: Lucy Formal paid: Ed, Jack. Carol to pay CGM 10.
  11. James, of children: "When you used to chase pigeons, what would you have done if you had actually caught one?"
  12. We could go inside when we next decide that it is raining. 5-0-0. Carried.
  13. James: "This statement has not been seconded". 0-0-4-1 [Ed undefined]. CR abstains. Guest agrees 10/5.
  14. Oreo cookies.
  15. Carol will make CGM digestive ice-cream. 5-0-0. Carried.
  16. Forcing admission by suggestion of a slightly incorrect statement.
  17. Reading: OT7 - Kanga and Baby Roo.
  18. / 1 0 0 \ A tensor which is a tesseract - it swaps two rows or columns of a matrix - apply this to space-time.
  19. | 0 0 1 |
  20. \ 0 1 0 / [Could Charlotte spin me some proper 3-row parentheses? These fake ones look a bit rubbish.]
  21. Ed: "The lemon one should be lighter than the chocolate one". 4-1-0. Carried.
  22. [Jack seconds something then runs off. When he returns, he can't remember what.] 3-2-1-2. Carried.
  23. James: "All the really good scientists were insane". 0-2-3. Carol doesn't consider this statement well-enough defined.
  24. Will archaeologists be able to read Anna's blog?
  25. We usurp <CUSFS>, of which James is Chairbeing, by discussing briefly the issue of gender in SF.
  26. Closed 4-1-0.

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