Minutes of Elevenses Meeting of the Pembroke College Winnie-the-Pooh Society

In which we gain a colourful new member.

Held on Saturday 17th May 2008 at Carol's.

Present: Carol, CGM, Twillo, Ed, James
Later present: Jack

  1. Twillo pays Pooh Levy.
  2. Twillo for James. [Oo-er.] Twillo: 4; RON: 0. Twillo is now The James.
  3. Reusing teabags changes the balance of tannins.
  4. Commend MC Overlord for strawberry cake. 3-0-2. Carried.
  5. James: “It’s not a tea donut.” [Correct spelling for the toroidal rather than jammy form. Ed.]
  6. James is normally a fan of strangely-flavoured things.
  7. <Minutes> of 10/5.
  8. James should try to drink the. 2-0-2-1 [James: etceteras, all of them]. Carried. [Water in which the special tea is soaked.]
  9. CGM: “Yay, California is letting gay people get married, at least until November.”
  10. There’s a helicopter being incredibly still over there ^.
  11. We should try to get to the end of these minutes. 4-0-2. Carried.
  12. Twillo’s nose and a spoon.
  13. Fish tastes of fish. 4-1-0-1 [Twillo: fish tastes of dragons]. Carried.
  14. XKCD, specifically the moral and physical problems with the conception in The Man Who Fell Sideways.
  15. James wishes that Twillo would stop projecting bottles at him.
  16. Reading: NT4 – Tiggers Don't Climb Trees.
  17. If Will’s jumper is a person, it can’t vote. 4-1-1. Carried. [Although it could pay Pooh Levy if it had 2 in its pockets. Ed.]
  18. Commend Jack on Pooh-like smacking of lips. 5-0-1. Carried.
  19. We ought to get John Tims and Tim Johns in a room together so they’ll explode. 3-2-1. Carried.
  20. It’s clearly better than the Atrocity Archives.
  21. To be fair, you have to bash the tea before you could consider scooping it.
  22. Closed 3-1-1-1 [Jack phoenices – pl. of phoenix.]

Carol apologies. Will must clear his room for next meeting, as he doesn’t want us to sit on his CPSs.

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