Minutes of Elevenses Meeting of the Pembroke College Winnie-the-Pooh Society

In which our host shoots everyone in the face.

Held on Saturday 24th May 2008 in the Secret Assasins' [sic] Lair.

Present: Twillo & Alicia, James, CGM, Ed, Luke Bennett MA (Master Assassin).
Apologies: Carol, Jack.
Later present: Matt, Capt ChRocoholixxs.

  1. No milk in Oolong.
  2. Gross [of] pigs. Or not.
  3. Twillo has a motion-sensing screen.
  4. Poohsoc has invaded the Assassins, not vice versa.
  5. CGM's school had security guards who disapproved of shooting people in the corridor with bananas.
  6. Guests can vote. 3-0-1. Carried.
  7. Twillo: "Turnips aren't actually phallic, but they should be."
  8. Ed ought to minute Twillo as The James to increase confusion. 4-0-1-1 [Alicia - koala].
  9. Election for the post of Tigger: Twillo: 5; RON: 0. Twillo is now Tigger.
  10. Blue Boar Court is a court of Pembroke. 5-0-1. Carried.
  11. Pigs aren't normally yellow. 3-1-2. Carried.
  12. Ed: "It isn't, so it isn't". 1-1-2-1 [dragon]. [CR decides For.] [appropriateness of Piglet digging on Garden Party tickets.]
  13. Simeon loves The James' giant things, but thinks they're lame.
  14. We could have a reading. 2-2-1. [CR decides For.]
  15. Matt doesn't want to be eaten by raptors. 4-1-0-1 [The James - He wants to be eaten by dragons]. Carried.
  16. The stone soup story.
  17. Reading: OT5 – Piglet finds a Heffalump.
  18. Captain ChRocoholixxs arrives and feeds us Jaffa Cakes.
  19. Ed hasn't written anything down for a while. 0-3-1-3 [Capt. - undemocratic; James - half a turnip; Matt - d3]. Failed.
  20. Nobody wants to second that the near end of Mill Road is the centre of the Universe. 2-1-1-3 [Assassins are discussing Will's arse-nal and are not paying attention].
  21. Meeting next week at the Botanic Gardens?
  22. Censure the three over there ^ for non-Pooh-related discussion, as they are being unsociable. 4-0-1-2 [Matt - dragons AND pandas; Capt. - 2 aubergines].
  23. Matt says something about the trolley.
  24. The jelly has congealed at the bottom of The James' tea.
  25. The James: "Dragonfly once put me in a man-corset."
  26. Alicia pokes The James and he collapses inwards.
  27. Ed will defer to The James' superior knowledge [of water pistols. Oo-er]. 2-2-2. [CR decides For.]
  28. CGM reads Sneezles.
  29. Closed 4-1-1.
  30. Matt: "If you want, you could just wrap yourself in bubble wrap."
  31. Ed passes the coasters to Coastguard James.

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