Minutes of Elevenses Meeting of the Pembroke College Winnie-the-Pooh Society

In which we observe a heron nesting in a tall tree, which Tigger doesn't climb.

Held on Saturday 31st May 2008 in the Botanic Gardens.

Present: CGM, James, The James, Ed, Carol
Later present: Jack
Much later present: Kate, Ed[ward] [later known as Ignatius. Ed]

  1. REM: Society owes Ed ~12 for materials and postage - invitations to the Garden Party sent to honourary [sic.] members.
  2. Constitutional necessity of a meeting in the final week of term.
  3. We could open a meeting at the end of a maths exam; we're all three mathmos. 1-2-1-1 [Ed strategic dragon].
  4. The James has brought healthy fruit only because he is not going to commit suicide.
  5. The James disapproves of crumbling proper fruit.
  6. Ed is dripping on the folder. 2-0-2-1 [Ed no longer dripping].
  7. CGM wants to go to Grantchester. Nobody is available on Saturday. We will get a Trin punt on Thursday.
  8. Commend Carol on her valiant efforts to eat ALL of an apple. 3-0-2. Carried.
  9. Commend Ed for invitations. 3-0-1-1[The James two hands].
  10. The Secretary is otherwise engaged… with an apple. 4-0-0-1 [The James is married to Ed [Yer what? Ed.], thus the engagement is inappropriate].
  11. There ought to be a way of commenting without spoiling. [There is - don't comment as your vote, just say it.]
  12. Photophobia - sneezing on contact with sunlight. Sneezing kills alveoli.
  13. Parents (especially Twillo's) for the win. 4-0-1. Carried.
  14. This does mean that I'm now sitting on your leg. 4-0-0-1 [The James - more on my lap]. [The James rushes to occupy the space in which Ed was starting to sit in.]
  15. You could minute it yourself by stealing Ed's pen. 2-2-1 [CR decides Against].
  16. The James ≅ bamboo. [Isomorphic]
  17. Let's not discuss anything examinable in the next couple of days, except plants. 3-1-1-1 [James "It's a kitty!" ].
  18. Turkey basters…
  19. Jack reads Disobedience.
  20. That's why we should be more vegetarian than we are. 4-1-1. [Food animal greenhouse gas emissions.]
  21. Eating rabbit kills you as it needs lots of vitamins to digest, which it doesn't contain. Thus one should not subsist solely on rabbit.
  22. Whale farming. Inuit whale hunting is suffered as it is ethnic.
  23. Unless you're a sleep-murderer. It's like sleepwalking but with more stabbing.
  24. We go to hall at Trinity, not Trinity Hall.
  25. Guests {Kate, Edward} may vote. 5-0-1. Carried.
  26. The James may not respond 'Yes' to an OR question. 3-1-0. Carried [By the time we get out of hall and vote on it, the others have walked on ahead].
  27. Kate is going to watch Doctor Who. Carried.
  28. Closed. Carried.
Next week will happen on Thursday. We will hire a cheap punt from Trin and go to Grantchester. Some of us may continue on to the Round.

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