Minutes of the Elevenses Meeting of the Pembroke College Winnie-the-Pooh Society

In which create a Deputy Rabbit, and honourize a Beeblebear.

Held on Saturday the 25th of April 2009 in JJMMWGduP's Room, Bue's [sic.] Field.

Present – CGM, Will, Bazil, Annie, Ed, James, Ignatius, Jack, Matt, Alicia, Carol.

4.10: Meeting opened.
  1. We have received a reply from Cadbury’s, who do not seem to have understood the concept of the Crème Bird.
  2. Enter Jack (in a newly-acquired hat) and Matt.
  3. Jack has a two-headed teddy.
  4. Enter Alicia.
  5. Enter Carol.
  6. There is custard.
  7. “The term “oblong” is a perversion and will not be discussed here.”
  8. Rachel disappeared with her yesterday. 6-1-2-0.
  9. Does anyone want to play the “take half and pass it on game” with the brownies? 4-5-2-0.
  10. Garden party discussion.
  11. We have a “Beeble-bear” as a talking cushiony-thing.
  12. Pope elections with chanting.
  13. Dan Brown.
  14. We should have a talking-bear-cushiony-thing. 9-2-1-0.
  15. I see the advantages of a dictatorship here. 6-6-0-1 (Moustache). C.R. is “for”; she sees the advantages but thinks the disadvantages outweigh them.
  16. The secretary may well have some sort of honorary bear.
  17. Censure everyone for non-bear-endorsed discussion. 8-0-2-2 (Pandas; we can talk without bear in motions).
  18. “I now declare this cake of the Pembroke College Winnie the Pooh Society open”.
  19. For the duration of May Week, rename society “Trinity College Pembroke College Winnie the Pooh Society”. 4-4-2-2 (The Jesus College... etc.; whatever). C.R. is “against”.
  20. Annie, Alicia and Bazil, and Roseanna are enquiring about gardens.
  21. Minutes of last meeting.
  22. Knitting happens.
  23. “Everything is reversible.”
  24. Is it possible to knit a top hat? It appears so.
  25. You could probably knit a top hat cozy. 10-0-2-0.
  26. That fits remarkably well. 5-1-4-0.
  27. That way Will doesn’t have to put his wet spoon in James’ sugar. 7-1-1-2 (Ooer; I’ll put my mug in my cup of tea... where “mug” is meant to be “spoon”).
  28. Co-opt Roseanna for the post of Deputy Rabbit. 9-0-1-1 (Polka-dot rabbit ears).
  29. We read New Testament V.
  30. Censure Jon for being out. 8-1-0-2 (In out, in out; congratulate Jon for having two sheds).
  31. We should find someone other than James who can do it, preferably not over Annie. 7-1-2-1 (Annie does it better than Roseanna).
  32. Carol has left to do work.
  33. “I could run round if you want.”
  34. “Do that; it’ll be amusing.”
  35. There is no Jon. 6-3-2-1 (Evangelist).
  36. You have a really small book. 8-0-2-1 (It’s small but perfectly written).
  37. You bing far too quick. 5-2-1-1 (Quickly damnit).
  38. You got there first, damnit. 5-0-1-2 (At the apex of a pyramid of tedium; at the apex of tea).
  39. We get round to actually reading.
  40. Commend Bazil on her singing. 10-0-1-0.
  1. Exit Matt.
  1. Corner comparison.
  2. Ironic page three.
  3. Between us, we have English. 9-0-0-2 (Between us, we can has English; the English language lives in a summer house near Kent).
  4. Make Aloysius-Katy, the Beeble-bear, an honorary member. 9-0-1-0.
  5. The Beeble-bear is now effectively Christopher Robin. 6-4-1-0.
  6. “Jack can vote on behalf of non-speaking members but I can’t”. 8-3-0-0.
  7. “Pregjudice”. 1-7-2-0.
  8. Meep. 7-0-1-1 (Bing).
  1. “Physiology fail is dirty? James has weird fetishes.”
  2. The knee bone’s connected to the elbow. 5-2-1-2 (Molly hop-step; the knee bone is not connected. It’s an entity all on its own).
  3. Epic counting fail. 6-0-2-1 (I couldn’t count in 1970 either).
  4. Mature for a dog. 3-3-2-1 (Woof woof). C.R. says “why not?”.
  5. Furry AIDS might be a type of rabies.
  6. That would be some sort of pig-chlamydia. 3-5-0-0.
  7. Leaning out of the window yelling “pig-chlamydia is a vote for sanity” is not good.
  8. Ignatius is in the Trinity Jock’s Club. 7-0-2-0.
  9. Close meeting. 8-0-1-2 (Donkey herpes; can I finish my row?).

The secretary apologises (again) for the fact that she can’t count consistently. She promises it’s not because she is an arts student; most arts students can count perfectly accurately to big numbers like “63” and “many”. - Roseanna

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