Minutes of the Elevenses Meeting of the Pembroke College Winnie-the-Pooh Society

In which we probably set a record for poetry.

Held on Saturday the 2nd of May 2009 in Alicia's Room, Jesus.

Present – Rob, Alicia, Ed, Ignatius, GCM, James.
Later Present - Roseanna, Carol, Rachel, Annie, Răchel [was pronounced 'Matilde' for auditory disambiguation?], Jack.(Chris).

Meeting opened at 4.15.

  1. Alicia won’t give me her nice pen.
  2. Carol, Rachel and Roseanna arrive, with ice cream.
  3. Post-related discussion.
  4. Biscuits!
  5. Annie arrives.
  6. Devilled eggs- worth Ł75?
  7. Jack and another Rachel (denoted Răchel) arrive.
  8. Will arrives.
  9. We are introduced.
  10. Annie has a table that’s slightly broken, hence the plaster on her foot.
  11. We should propose that visitors can vote. 7-2-1-0 (Ooh, electromagnetism). [I thought Mathmos could count, James... – Roseanna].
  12. Visitors can vote. Many-None-1-2 (Will: “They can vote, but does it count towards anything?”; counting is important).
  13. There are lots of teas, not all of them are nice. 9-0-2-3 (Rooibos with cactus and orange; I’m in a spoiling mood; mustard tea-spoons).
  14. Last week’s minutes are read.
  15. Carol can’t vote on behalf of Invisible Steve.
  16. Carol can vote on behalf of Invisible Steve, so long as Steve abstains. 5-3-3-0.
  17. Minute’s of 26th April, at Will’s.
  18. It was the fault of the chief rabbi. 6-4-1-1 (It was Lionel Blue’s fault).
  19. Censure Will’s supervisor. 7-4-2-1 (Ed: Churchill compscis have, like, academic stuff on Sundays. On second thoughts, I think they DON'T like academic stuff on Sundays.).
  20. Chief rabbi breeding programme.
  21. Hats are go...od. 9-1-2-1 (Güd).
  22. You can look good in two hats if you have two heads. 8-2-2-1 (We say nothing about how you look with one head).
  23. “You [Rachel] would be the Dance Commander”. 9-0-3-1 (Lord High Emperor of the Dance).
  24. “Yeah-wha’-No”.
  25. We read New Testament III, “The Search for Small”.
  26. Quick! No one say anything interesting! 3-4-3-1 (I’m sorry; if you look at the third [illegible]).
  27. James is making a cup of tea.
  28. “Disobedience” is read.
  29. Perhaps Rachel’s teacher did live in school.
  30. Ed reads a poem, “Summer Afternoon”.
  31. Ignatius reads “Lines and Squares”.
  32. “When you say ‘May Week’, you mean ‘May Week’ as opposed to ‘May Week’.”
  33. Roseanna reads “Emmeline”.
  34. Annie reads “Changing the Guard”.
  35. Rachel reads “The Emperor’s Rhyme”.
  36. Ignatius does a very good beach impression.
  37. Ed reads “The Four Friends”.
  38. Jack reads “At the Zoo”.
  39. Ignatius reads “In the Dark”.
  40. Ed reads “Nursery Chairs”.
  41. James reads “The Three Foxes”.
  42. Rachel reads “Busy”.
  43. Exeunt Jack et Răchel.
  44. You probably need consciousness to have humour.
  45. “Ha ha, I’m walking forwards and backwards instead of sideways, haha.”
  46. Crab Humour.
  47. Ed reads “A Thought”.
  48. Annie reads “Politeness”.
  49. Ed reads “Buttercup Days”.
  50. CGM must go make dinner with which to bribe people.
  51. Will can has wool.
  52. Ignatius reads “The Knight Whose Armour Did Not Squeak”.
  53. Elena sends her apologies (Roseanna just remembered).
  54. Ed reads “Daffodowndilly”.
  55. Close meeting. 7-0-1-0.

Minutes in italics taken by James.

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