Minutes of the Elevenses Meeting of the Pembroke College Winnie-the-Pooh Society

In which the much-commented ice-cream appears.

Held on Saturday the 9th of May 2009 in Kanga's Room, Newnham.

Present – CGM, Ed, Carol, Jack, Ignatius, Alicia, Amy, James, Roseanna, Bazil, Jaya, Rachel, Will.

4.10: Meeting opened.
  1. Commend Roseanna on the ice cream. 5-0-2-0
  2. Visitors can vote. 7-0-1-0
  3. It seems like a waste of jelly though...
            Not if you squirted it in someone’s face.
  4. You could fill up his entire room with jelly. 6-0-1-1 (That would indeed spoil Will’s room).
  5. CGM’s mum’s handwriting may or may not be difficult to read.
  6. Commend Carol for doing the washing up. 8-0-0-1 (Delicious and moist cake).
  7. Bazil apologises for absence last week.
  8. Minutes of last week.
  9. Surely it should be whatever you need to get your constants right at the end. 4-1-3-2 (Surface area of a sphere;  ).
  10. Ignatius volunteers to host next week.
  11. We contact the Treasurer by telephonic force.
  12. Carol has much tea.
  13. Enter Rachel.
  14. “Will’s trying to molest my belly button!” 0-7-3-1 (Møller Station).
  15. Discussion of garden party.
  16. If we ice the sandwiches...
  17. Exit Amy.
  18. “Come on wasp, work it out.”
  19. Garden party decision: Churchill if less than £30, if not, garden of Bazil, if not, Lucy Cavendish. Probably on the Wednesday.
  20. Ed possibly apologises for absence next week.
  21. Difficulties with “d”.
  22. We should have a society tree. 9-0-1-1 (And it should be called Alfred).
  23. Reading of New Testament IX.
  1. * We could stand behind you [Alicia] and tickle you whenever you have to talk. 5-4-1-0.
  2.  Science! As it were.
  3.  Many things are improved by zombies.
  4.  Bureaucracy skillz.
  5.  Cabal talk.
  6.  Close meeting. 9-0-1-0.
* Once more, the secretary displays here inability to count. I’m making a habit of this, it seems. – Roseanna.

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