Minutes of the Elevenses Meeting of the Pembroke College Winnie-the-Pooh Society

In which mints are substituted for sugar 'cubes'.

Held on Saturday the 16th of May 2009 in The Chestnuts, Burrell's Field.

Present – James, CGM, Carol, Mickey, Ed, Ignatius, Bazil, Chris [a Trinity Second Year], Roseanna, Will, Alicia, Jack, Matt, Jon, Elena, Annie, Rachel.

Some time after 4, meeting opened.

  1. We introduce ourselves to Chris.
  2. Enter Will, Alicia, Jack.
  3. James knocked over the tea.
  4. Enter Matt and Jon.
  5. “Jon, you look, like, almost respectable!”
  6. “You don’t.”
  7. I’m not minuting it. 2-7-4-0.
  8. Visitors can vote. 8-3-1-1 (They can vote but does it count?).
  9. Ermintrude sends her apologies.
  10. Enter Elena.
  11. Jack isn’t Jewish enough.
  12. Enter Annie.
  13. Commend Press Secretary for talking to the Press. 10-0-2-2 (What did she say?; hang on, wait).
  14. Minutes of last week.
  15. Stage directions should involve pursuit by a bear.
  16. It’s an elephant, so it’s not a Percy Pig.
  17. “That’s a terrible idea, do it! Do it! Do it!” 13-2-1-1 (Mmm minty fresh).
  18. Enter Rachel (not pursued, by a bear or otherwise).
  19. Bruges, it’s in Belgium.
  20. We wave at “those guys”.
  21. We read “Expotition to the North Pole”, Old Testament VIII.
  22. W [Rest of the minute never written. Apologies. –Roseanna].
  23. Censure Mickey for acting like this is Sheila. 12-1-1-3 (Spit; quick, do we have a penguin?; censure Roseanna for talking like this is CUSFS).
  24. Jon wants eye-liner to draw a beard.
  25. Will does not think James would appreciate him groping his bum.
  26. This must be recorded for posterity. [Ha ha...] [Pun not actually intended, really]
  27. How would one prove oneself to be not a robot/a robot/a wizard?
  28. “Ignorant though I [Mickey] am, I know that tea is not fizzy.” 10-3-2-2 (My ignorance knows no bounds; I can has fizzy tea).
  29. Fire breathing beer.
  30. Ed reads “The Alchemist”.
  31. Exeunt Matt et Jon, not pursued by a bear.
  32. Camp in the Burrell’s Field tv room and snipe anyone who spawns there. 8-3-3-1 (Whatever Annie said about happy sniping).
  33. Will commends Ed [Ignatius] for his tiny radiator.
  34. Cutting cake with membership cards.
  35. Hat swapping photos with cute look (mostly).
  36. Ed! Llama song! Quickly, there’s not much time!
  37. Llama song.
  38. Dalek llama song.
  39. It’s James saying it, so it’s probably ok.
  40. Ummm... 9-2-2-1 (Bum).
  41. Close meeting. 8-5-1-0.

Minute taken in italics by James.

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