Minutes of the Elevenses Meeting of the Pembroke College Winnie-the-Pooh Society

In which the outside world contains aah, :) and purty flowers.

Held on Saturday the 23rd of May 2009 in James', Burrell's Fellows' Garden.     :p   :)   :D   >:|   ;,,(   :o   *hides->

Present – CGM, James, Rachel, Carol, Ermintrude, Matt, Ignatius, Roseanna, Will, Alicia, Ed, Bazil.

Meeting opened 4.02pm

  1. Ask the internet! Ask the internet! 7-0-1-0.          *
  2. Will enters by the window.
  3. Alicia enters by the door.
  4. There are no bears.
  5. “Google gives me Maths and not the answer!”
  6. But, but, BUTTER! 5-2-1-1 (There was a man from Calcutta).
  7. Picnic blanket. 6-1-1-2 (*picnic blanket*; and he had a terrible stutter).
  8. Commend picnic blanket for bringing Ed. 5-0-3-0.
  9. Gooey is bad, you should do it from the command line. 3-3-2-1 (Gooey brownies are good). C.R. decides “against”.
  10. Bazil enters mid-voting. There might be an invisible bear, but if so, it’s very quiet.
  11. Can we go picnic now? 8-0-1-0.
  12. Fellows’ Garden. General acclamation.
  13. Tiny, fluffy, self-locomoting balls of fluff is a better description. 9-0-1-1 (And he asked “Please/ Would you pass me the cheese?”)
  14. Is it a bird? Is it a ‘plane? No, it’s the UL.
  15. (We are in the garden).
  16. All hail our glorious secretary. 7-1-2-1 (With taxis).
  17. We have mentioned Dave Henderson.
  18. We should all make badgers. 6-0-2-1 (But not mushrooms).
  19. Medics hug each other at a distance to avoid being licked.
  20. Muahahahaha I have them!!
  21. :D . 7-0-2-2 (^_^ ; :p).
  22. It’s a capital “6”.
  23. Will, take minutes! 4-2-3-1 (Roseanna grass-farts).
  24. What? 1-2-2-2 (Etc. ; Roseanna grass-farts).
  25. James, can you go and get the Testaments? 4-2-3- [blank] (Roseanna grass-farts). [Minute-fail – Roseanna.]
  26. Rachel’s skirt is purple.
  27. Roseanna has Bazil’s address.
  28. CGM is not in charge (or so she claims).
  29. Ed made mistakes.
  30. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeioouuu. 7-1-1-1 (Roseanna grass-farts). [I’d like to point out that I was making a high-pitched noise by blowing at a piece of grass between my thumbs. This sounds marginally better than Will’s description and is approximately covered by the noise written above – Roseanna.]
  31. Will, stop being a nuisance. 10-0-1-1 (Roseanna grass-farts).
  32. We are reading New Testament IV.
  33. Presidential Tigger is presidential.
  34. Ermintrude is being bolshy at the fire safety officer.
  35. Alicia thought James was just strange.
  36. People described as “from the internet” are often strange.
  37. Describe “The Hat Game” without “the” and “game” and “hat”.
  38. Ermintrude gnaws Bazil’s knee.
  39. Exeunt Bazil and Ermintrude (no bears).
  40. Going inside a bush is less impressive than going inside a tree.
  41. Daisy chains happen.
  42. “Everyone has different opinions on life, but James is correct.”
  43. “Nouns have gender; people have sex.”
  44. There is Frisbee-ish-thing.
  45. Catullus ≠ Cthulhu.
  46. Close meeting. 4-2-1-0.

Minutes in italics taken by Ignatius, those underlined taken by Will.

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