Minutes of the Elevenses Meeting of the Pembroke College Winnie-the-Pooh Society

In which marshmallows and marmite?

Held on Saturday the 7th of June 2009 in Will’s Room, Whewell’s Court, Trinity.

Present – Tori (a visitor), Jack, Annie, Alicia, Will, Ignatius, James, CGM, Rachel, Roseanna, Carol, Hazel (a sister), Elena.

Approximately 4pm: meeting opened.

  1. Jack’s bike-lock has been stolen.
  2. Visitors can vote. 9-0-0-0.
  3. Do not hit Annie; she has a knife.
  4. Doing something with style... is this stylish?
  5. There are some very nice jackets in there. 9-0-1-0.
  6. Roseanna is a poor, sweet orphan. 4-4-1-1 (orphan maybe). CR decides against.
  7. Annie’s hat is pretty.
  8. Real shoes are work; sandals are not work. 5-4-1-1 (*shoe*).
  9. How does one define an orgy?
  10. Orgy is qualitative too.
  11. Please let the media turn up now.
  12. Orgies required flipped out stuff. 1-5-1-0.
  13. CGM does not bake mind-altering muffins.
  14. We could spike Carol’s tea with wine.
  15. Minutes of the last meeting.
  16. Jack goes to find a bike-lock.
  17. Carol enters with Hazel (a sister).
  18. He looks scary in that but actually looks attractive in some of the others. 2-2-5-1 (woo, uncanny valley, woo).
  19. Censure! Censure! 4-1-3-0.
  20. Commend Carol for doing better than Roseanna. 10-0-1-0.
  21. No throwing things at the secretary. 6-3-1-1 (*Alicia throws a pig at the secretary*).
  22. Censure Will for poor aim. 7-0-2-1 (my aim’s bounds of money have no limit).
  23. Maths seems to be happening.
  24. Ignatius explains his code.
  25. If Tom Baker were here...
  26. Jack returns, having failed.
  27. Censure Jack for his game. 2-2-4-0.
  28. Commend. 6-0-3-0.
  29. We need to read NT X.
  30. Ed has apologised.
  31. Keep Science out of real life. 5-5-1-0. CR decides against.
  32. “Last time I checked, people were part of the physical reality.”
  33. Enter Elena.
  34. Marshmallow + tea = win.
  35. “There are some bits of knowledge you should not admit to having.”
  36. James hosting next week.
  37. Bridge crawl – officially on the 16th.
  38. Tea is real life.
  39. Marmite + marshmallows = win :). Marmite and tea...?
  40. Censure people for perversion of Marmite. 4-3-3-1 (Marmite is a perversion and will not be discussed here).
  41. Marmite science.
  42. Marmite science win.
  43. Does the UK have idiosyncratic fruit?
  44. James,, how do you feel on your acquisition of a son?
    44 - Disappointed.
  45. Carol, how would you describe the taste of geranium?
  46. “I should keep these glasses on, they make everything look sunnier.”
  47. Please don’t molest the secretary. 7-5-1-0.
  48. Molest the secretary. 7-5-1-1 (eep).
  49. If I give the minutes to someone else does that mean they’re secretary and you have to molest them? 8-1-3-1 (Roseanna grass-farts).
  50. You can second anything. 4-3-2-0.
  51. By Will’s foot!
  52. It isn’t rape; it’s sex you didn’t know you wanted.”
  53. Maths corner has happened.
  54. Close meeting. 9-0-1-0.

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