Minutes of the Garden Party of the Pembroke College Winnie-the-Pooh Society

In which there is a garden party and drag.

Held on Wednesday the 17th of June 2009 in Bazil's Garden.

Present – Megan, Ignatius, James, Carol, Ed, Alicia, Rachel, Jack, CGM, Fraser, Will, Coryan, Elena, Rob, [old guy], some other dudes.

  1. We read the correspondence from honorary members.
  2. Commend Roseanna on her poetry. 10-2-2-1 (it was a human).
  3. Visitors can vote. 9-0-0-0.
  4. Commend Rabbit on the quiz. 9-0-2-0.
  5. There is art student prejudice.
  6. Fraser wants the harem to take pictures of themselves pillow-fighting in their underwear. 8-4-1-1 (that’s some damn big underwear).
  7. Anything in the meeting is a motion except spoils etc. 3-7-1-1 (second this if you dare).
  8. Second this if you dare. 6-0-1-1 (Seconded).
  9. We move to the kitchen to avoid the rain.
  10. Is it a bullet?
  11. Censure for non-Pooh related discussion. 9-2-2-0.
  12. Style, control, damage and aggression.
  13. He’s got the playboy walk.
  14. I declare that at the time you specified you were on Cuba. 11-2-1-0.
  15. Rob is from the internet.
  16. This is Will; he just punched the ceiling.
  17. James should molest Jake. 8-4-1-1 (the power of disco).
  18. Mandate same. 8-5-2-0.
  19. Commend Carol on honey and condensed milk sandwiches. 13-0-1-0.
  20. Commend Fraser on not going to Cindies. 9-3-2-1 (commend Fraser for pillow-fights).
  21. Thank-you for that mental image Will. 5-4-4-1 (all hail the glorious president).
  22. Boil to death.
  23. Ha HA! 12-0-1-4 (censure the Reeve for non-pooh-related discussion; laughter is a crime against the state; ho ho; hee hee).
  24. Air. 9-3-1-1 (punching ceiling).
  25. Can I just say, the armpit hair really sets off the dress? 7-2-4-1 (what the hell are tapirs?).
  26. You deserve to be wet. 4-3-2-1 (ooer).
  27. Carol is on the pull. 10-0-3-1 (Coryan is on the pull).
  28. Minutes of previous meeting.
  29. There’s something so inherently wrong with that that it needs to be on the internet.
  30. James seconds the negation of Megan’s statement “That dress worryingly suits him”.
  31. Will ascends.
  32. It is raining.
  33. Enter some dude. [illegible] Dr.  Anderson.
  34. Roseanna would rather not get it blue.
  35. Thumb wars: Roseanna beats Megan, James beats Megan, Roseanna beats James. Rematch: Roseanna beats Megan again, Roseanna beats Ignatius.
  36. Four-Eded monster.
  37. We move inside.
  38. Screams of pain from the thumb warriors.
  39. I sense imminent fail. Ginger beer and Malibu. Ugh.
  40. Wom.
  41. CGM reads “Forgiven”.
  42. *James’ drink*. 10-2-2-1.
  43. Ahem. 5-3-1-0.
  44. Close. 4-1-2-0.

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