Minutes of Elevenses Meeting of the Pembroke College Winnie-the-Pooh Society

In which we discuss experimental theology and Kanga doesn't eat people.

Held on Saturday 24th April in James’s room, Burrrells Field

Present: James, Eor, Jack, Alicia, Ignatius, Roseanna, Simon, Alex, Will, Carol.

  1. Oolong is just tea, but weird just tea.
  2. We are planning on taking over your room and squatting for the next week. 4-3-1-0.
  3. The secretary (and Jack) are in favour of Zoroastrian Molly.
  4. Folk politics are discussed.
  5. PoohSoc discusses theology. Experimental theology. The best kind.
  6. Divine slash fic.
  7. “When do swans jump out of first floor windows?”
  8. Ignatius has done experimental ornithology. But not on the swan.
  9. The Sheffield Museum of Rather Awesome Science. 7-0-1-0.
  10. It is in fact a theme park based around science.
  11. Fluffy rhinos.
  12. Russian mafia mammoths. 4-1-1-1 (mimmoths).
  13. Oh dear, the icing malfunctioned. 4-0-2-1 (*James steals the icing*).
  14. Aww, that’s the most romantic thing I’ve seen you do. 3-3-2-0 CR for.
  15. Minutes.
  16. “She attempted to contact it psychically from Huntingdon Road”.
  17. We discuss Stalin and Lenin the swans.
  18. The meeting seems to turn into one of Pedants Anonymous.
  19. “Pedantically twee.”
    “It’s the best way to be twee.”
  20. Folk-talk.
  21. We read NTVII.
  22. Is that the one that’s part duck? 5-1-1-2 (I don’t think we want a gestalt rabbit; morph).
  23. Visitors can vote. 7-0-2-0.
  24. Enter Carol.
  25. We discuss fiddles and their handlers.
  26. We discuss topless Alex on the internet.
  27. Carol doesn’t eat people. 5-1-1-2 (don’t eat people, eating people is wrong; om nom nom).
  28. Twillicia leaves.
  29. Alex and James are daft about the wasp.
  30. The foamy end is foamy. 5-0-1-1 (ooer).
  31. Close. 5-1-0-0.

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