Minutes of Elevenses Meeting of the Pembroke College Winnie-the-Pooh Society

In which we are Austentatious and minty, and Wensleydale has the wrong sort of berries.

Held on Saturday 15th May in Ignatius's room, Grange Road

Present: Ed (M, C), Christopher, Janet [James has written his name such that it looks like “Janet”- Roseanna].
Later present: Simon, Max, Annie, Roseanna, Carol.

  1. Meeting opened 16.17.
  2. Visitors can vote. 3-0-0-0.
  3. Linux users pay for something!
  4. Enter Simon, Max.
  5. Discussion of Steam.
  6. Pineapples: anything [scribble] works, you just have to push it hard enough.
  7. Take the one you’re not currently touching, by telekinesis. 6-0-0-1 (doggy style).
  8. Enter Annie.
  9. “Ow”, the tea is hot.
  10. It’s not just any joke, it’s an M&S joke. 2-4-0-0.
  11. The undersecretary does not want to hear the above joke made again. 3-1-1-2 (It’s not any old undersecretary...; no one does).
  12. Enter Will, Alicia.
  13. “Austen-tatios” [Because Ed (M) can’t spell – Roseanna] “It’s not any old pun...” 7-0-1-2 (Alicia voted twice) [What?- Roseanna].
  14. Enter Roseanna.
  15. Will unilaterally censures the mint tea (for being minty). Roseanna approves.
  16. Lord of the Rings. Troades. Something.
  17. Minutes yoinked again.
  18. Ignatius is a pest.
  19. The secretary is forced to defend the minutes by force.
  20. The James points out that the weapon being thrust at Roseanna by Ignatius is longer than it’s wide.
  21. We read OTV.
  22. Censure the rest of PoohSoc for being idiots. 4-4-2-1 (‘licia voted and abstained) CR for.
  23. We have a waps.
  24. We gain a Carol.
  25. Mandate everyone to call James “Janet” for the rest of the meeting. 8-3-1-0.
  26. Max leaves.
  27. We discuss Greek letters.
  28. Quiet descends.
  29. They had the wrong sort of berries in Wensleydale.
  30. Exit Simon.
  31. Commend Alicia for violence against Will. 6-1-2-0.
  32. Eor reads “Knights and Ladies”.
  33. Tea inhalation is failsome.
  34. The discussion is more disturbing than standard PoohSoc conversations; Carol is impressed.
  35. We discuss crushed velvet and its tastefulness, or lack thereof.
  36. Close. 7-0-1-0.

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