Minutes of Elevenses Meeting of the Pembroke College Winnie-the-Pooh Society

In which Piglet is terrified, and Roo attempts to understand purple.

Held on Saturday 22nd May in Roseanna's room, Newnham

Present: James, Carol, Christopher, Ignatius, Roseanna, Ed, Annie, Simon.

  1. Will in cat-suit... what myth has that?
  2. Christopher might look like a Sebastian somewhere.
  3. Lithuania. They have kazoos.
  4. What’s another fake fruit?
  5. It might just be “snozberries” because he likes the word “snoz”.
  6. Carol reads “Us Two”.
  7. There aren’t many birds that would attack a bear.
  8. No minuting; your handwriting’s despicable. 3-3-0-0 CR for.
  9. Visitors can vote. 5-0-0-1 (Pandas and dragons).
  10. Congratulate Ignatius on a terrible joke. 5-0-2-0.
  11. Minutes.
  12. James attempts to understand purple.
  13. James apologemises for “analysation”.
  14. Jon Henderson may secretly be a time-traveller.
  15. The room divides between subjects.
  16. Ignatius unites us with the Prince of Persia, then James Bond.
  17. Simon has brought colour-changing tea.
  18. Words. They mean things.
  19. “By the way, Rachel, Darth Vader is Luke’s father”.
  20. Ignatius’ mythology does not contain furries.
  21. We read OTI.
  22. Annie does an impressive trick.
  23. It’s more uplifting than momento mori. 7-1-0-1 (but less than Wonderbra).
  24. Ignatius terrifies our Glorious President.
  25. “The girlfriend is usually watching at the time”.
  26. “It’s not as impressive as Will raping Jon in a fur-suit”.
  27. Loud and unminuteable chaos.
  28. Close. 6-0-2-0.

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