Minutes of the WTP EGM 14th May 1994

Present Apologies
Alex (host S4)
Thomas Grey (the cat)
Dinan - watching the cup final

  1. James dons the ceremonial green cap to read the minutes of the last meeting.

  2. Huw has Scooby Doo socks on.

  3. Dominic claims that he is not guilty in missing the last meeting - see later.

  4. Paul has resigned as secretary.

  5. (Written by Huw) ME AGAIN!!

    Anne for secretary for 7 Anne carried
    against 0
    abstentions 1

  6. Alex has left to pick someone up at the bus station (isn't that illegal???)

  7. Huw proposed for undersecretary by Paul seconded by Dominic

    Cat proposed for undersecretary by James seconded by Austin

    Cat is not a member, so Helen proposed that the cat is a member: Seconded by Paul

    for 5
    against 1
    abstentions 2 (James nearly didn't abstain. Ooh!)
    Cat is a member of WTP.

    1. Cat tries to justify itself for undersecretary - it purrs and jumps off James' lap.

    2. Now back to Anne when she finds her spoon. I'M GONE!

      Votes for Huw 4
      votes for cat 2 Huw is undersecretary
      abstentions 1

  8. Garden Party is to be held on the monday of May week from 4-7pm.

  9. Helen is writing a play of Pooh's party for the occasion. All of rabbit's friends and relationships should get involved in the play!

  10. Austin to the cat "Er .... excuse me, would you mind moving? ...... Piss off!!"

  11. Huw has not got a name - he should be called Tigger

  12. Huw likes Woman's Weekly!

  13. Alex arrives with Lucinda.

  14. Paul asks for silence. "Pray continue!" says James.

  15. Paul is in charge of booze, James :ice creams, Austin: publicity. Members and members guests only are to be invited to the garden Party. Ticket Price 3.00

  16. Dominic is good friends with the Dean, but not as good as Huw, according to Huw!

  17. We will organize a fresher's squash in another meeting

  18. Meetings: 21st Anne's room for 8 against 0 abstentions 1
    28th Richard's room for 8 against 0 abstentions
    4th Grange Road
    llth No meeting

  19. The cat leaves. Bye!

  20. Expeditions. Walk to Grantchester on Friday 20th May. Dominic suggests a couple of pubs in Grantchester - he isn't on first name terms with a barmaid there ...


    Paul : prosecution
    Dominic: defense
    Anne :clerk
    Huw :witness (he looks very confused!)
    Austin, Helen Richard, Alex, Lucinda :jury

    James swears in the jury on Winnie the Pooh. Richard sits on the Good Book.

    Paul: Well, Your Honour, M'lord. The charge is that Dominic White did not attend the WTP soc meetings for two consecutive weeks and both times did not send apologies.

    Dominic: Pleads not guilty

    James dons the gown and green cap and Dominics helmet to pronounce sentence.

    Paul calls Huw as the first witness.

    Paul accused of leading the witness. "What behaviour has Huw noticed??"

    Huw: Dominic left them to go and meet a girl in the organ loft

    James refuses to listen to the defence.

    Dominic says that James is insane and legal!
    Dominic asks the identity of the "lady" that Huw refers to
    Dominic thinks that the lady in question might be Alex.

    Dominic : Winnie the Pooh intended to give Eeyore a pot of honey. Pooh ate the honey before giving it to Eeyore. On last Saturday, the day after his 21st Birthday, being partially overcome by alcohol ("by who??" asks Huw), he forgot to give notice that he would be absent.
    Dominic also raised 67.35 for the Chapel Choir trip to Rome, and he gave us the pleasure of this trial, so he should be forgiven!

    Jury leaves the room to decide verdict

    Dominic tries to corrupt the jury - he says he will buy Alex and Lucinda drinks that evening.

    Jury returns - Richard as foreman says that their decision is that the case is not proven. Jury refuses to find the defendant guilty.

    Dominic changes his plea to being guilty of missing the meetings.

    Dominic has to compose a song to sing at the Garden Party.

    Paul proposes that we close last week's meeting.

    for 8
    against 0
    abstentions 1

    Dominic has been tried invalidly.

  22. Open this week's meeting

    for 6
    against 2
    abstentions 1

  23. Close this week's meeting.

    for 6
    against 1
    abstenions 2

  24. Reopen meeting to make Lucinda an honorary member

    for 8
    against 0
    abstention 1

  25. Votes to close this week's meeting

    for 9
    against 0
    abstentions 1

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