Minutes of the meeting of the Pembroke College Winnie-the-Pooh Society, held on 19/06/1999 in Ben's room.

Present; Ben & Jerry, Anfoni, Granny, Becky, Jeremy, two of Ben's friends from home, other Richard, Jon (briefly), and Chrisanthyasmin. There may have been other people, but I forgot to write down who was there.

  1. It is Anfoni's last Pooh Soc! We ask if he will be the founder of a York chapter of Pooh Soc, and he says that he will try. [Is Anfoni going to become a Yorkie?]

  2. We discuss Brian's party this evening, and it turns out that Brian purposefully did not invite the Kirsten-Benedict-Jon unit ^ or, at the very least, he didn't want Benedict to be there. We decide that this is sound judgement on Brian's part, as it will probably be far too noisy and smoky for Benedict.

  3. Ben announces that he is about to read us something very important, and it turns out to be some notes I made about a set of pieces by Arvo Prt, which appear on the same piece of paper as last week's minutes, which he then attempts to read.

  4. Some photos of transvestites are passed around.

  5. Vote that our visitors should be allowed to vote for the duration of the meeting; For 6; against 1; absentions 2. Motion carried.

  6. After discussing Jon Jarrett's brilliant display of ineptitude surrounding the Garden Party, rather than be directly nasty about him, we vote to congratulate him on his fine work; For 0; Ags 6; Abs 3. Motion failed.

  7. We ponder whether Australian Jaymes looks better upside-down.

  8. We notice that Ben's friends have just left, and various nasty jokes are made.

  9. Becky points out that Granny has a slight sex problem. What will happen when he becomes a granfather? Should he be addressed as "Granny", or "Grandpa"?

  10. Moving back to minute 8, we vote to censure Ben's friends for abandoning us mid-meeting; For 5; Ags 3; Abs 1. Motion passed. So there.

  11. Apparently, everyone looks lovely in a dress. Let's not test this.

  12. At the party for which photos are being passed around, it appears that both Anfoni and Dave Henderson pulled the same person, at different times. Yuck!

  13. Other Richard leaves!! :o)

  14. Jon arrives, then applies a surprise tactic by leaving again, almost before he has arrived.

  15. Last week's minutes, or rather, most of them, are read.

  16. Votes for rhubarb tea? For 3; Ags 1; Abs 4.

  17. Kirsten and her benefits. It seems that if she and Jon do not live together, she gets more money in benefits.

  18. Chris Timms and his relationship to the devil are discussed.

  19. A reading! We read Chapter 10, Old Testament, "In which Christopher Robin gives a Pooh Party, and we say good-bye". It seemed rather appropriate on our last meeting of the academic year.

  20. First meeting in October is to be in Rob S's room, AA something. Or maybe it was Granny's room, AA25 - no-one seems quite sure.

  21. Vote to thank Emily for being a Very Good Pooh; For 8; Ags 0; Abs 1. Motion carried, and she is duly thanked.

  22. Becky confesses to us that she first got drunk when she was 6 months old, and we wonder how her parents could tell.

  23. Garden Party report; unless there are any other expense claims, we made 20 profit.

  24. Vote to close; For 7; Ags 0; Abs 3. Motion carried, and the last meeting of this academic year is closed.

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