Minutes Of The Pembroke College Winnie-the-Pooh Society Meeting - 7 January 2000

Held at 17, Enniskillen Road, Chesterton.

Present: Kirsten, Henry, Benedict

  1. The meeting was opened by Kirsten- opened early, in fact, possibly for the first time ever.

  2. Reading: In which Pooh and Piglet go hunting and nearly catch a woozle. Henry narrates, Kirsten does parts (oo-err) and Benedict does percussion.

  3. A minute by Benedict which I would not do justice to attempt to transcribe here.

  4. Vote that it is the year 2000. F:1 A:0 Abs:2. Carried.

  5. Vote to censure Ben (el presidente) for not being at a meeting in his own house. F:2 A:1 Abs:0. Carried (Could I point out for Posterity that no one had told me there was a meeting, and I was in London. You lot will censure me for anything- Ben)

  6. Dave Henderson is mentioned.

  7. Benedict falls asleep- is the meeting still constitutional?

  8. No minutes- King John's Christmas is read instead.

  9. Forgiven, A green man, Rice Pudding, the Dormouse and the Doctor, and Teddy Bear are read in short order.

  10. We read ``A matter-of-fact Fairy-tale'' from ``The Pocket A.A.Milne'', Henry Narrating, Kirsten doing voices.

  11. Vote to close. F:2 A:1 Abs:0. Carried.

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