Minutes of the Pembroke College Winnie-the-Pooh Society Elevenses Meeting held on the 29/01/2000 in Rm 4, 32 Panton Street:

Present : Martin, Mad Jenny, Gina, Richard, Neil, Ben, Owen, Claire, Andrew, Annelies, Rob, Jeremy, Yasmin, Mike, Emily.

Apologies : Peter.

  1. Ben opens the meeting.

  2. Vote to censure Sane Jenny for not coming: carried.

  3. Mad Jenny lives on the tumble dryers at home.

  4. Apparently Sarah said she would come more often.

  5. We have a 10 minute conversation on how to use a saucepan with a flower in as a doorstop.

  6. Rob refuses to tell us about some place names.

  7. Jeremy doesn't want cake.

  8. Votes to make the cake a member. F:4, A:3, Ab:4.

  9. Votes to dismember the cake. F:4 A:3 Ab:4.

  10. Ben's romantic present to Mad Jenny, a bin.

  11. Minutes are read by Rob although Ben doesn't care about them.

  12. We will not minute that                .

  13. Ben's trying to kill Mad Jenny.

  14. Ben and Mad Jenny are having a lovers tiff like an old married couple.

  15. Votes to censure Andrew and Jeremy for being spods. F:9, A:0, Ab:2.

  16. Votes that Andrew and Jeremy should get out more. F:9, A:0, Ab:2.

  17. Ben has forgotten the play so we censure him for it.

  18. We decide that we do accept Ben's apology.

  19. Ben promises to bring the plays next week.

  20. Claire has got a sun tan. Someone suggests it may be a wind tan, then Andrew suggests an arctan.

  21. Mad Jenny "Is everybody going to hate me more if I eat this last donut."
    Rob "is that possible."

  22. Ben talks politics.

  23. Jeremy says "I used to be Prime Minister."

  24. Owen is Sir Wibbly the Wobbly, a member of the Monster Raving Loony party.

  25. Rob asks Claire when she last had any exercise.

  26. Vote to censure Rob for calling Claire fat. Passed.

  27. Reading: In which Christopher Robin leads an expedition to the north pole."

  28. We try to engage in group singing but find that we are incompetent.

  29. Everyone, especially Ben talks through out the reading.

  30. Ben calls Emily a Darstard.

  31. Emily wants Jeremy to crush her.

  32. Where are Ben's pills.

  33. Ben's made the penguin all sticky.

  34. Next weeks meeting 10 Fitz street, Rm 9.

  35. Yasmin apologises for not being here next week.

  36. Votes to close F:8, A:1, Ab:1.

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