Minutes of the Pembroke College Winnie-the-Pooh Society Elevenses Meeting held on the 12/2/00 in 11 Manhattan Drive.

Present : Martin, Owen, Jon, Benedict, Gina, Owen(not a member), Ben, Mad Jenny.

Apologies : Andrew, Yasmin, Chris, Claire, Rob, Jeremy, Peter, Richard

  1. Martin opens the meeting in the absence of the president.

  2. We discuss who will still be here next year.

  3. Vote to censure everyone who hasn't apologised and isn't here yet for being late. F:4 A:0 Ab:1

  4. Gina's got a flashy red light.

  5. Biscuits are for eating.

  6. Reading : In which Kanga and Baby Roo come to the forest, and Piglet has a bath.

  7. Kirsten does Piglet with a Cockney accent.

  8. Votes to commend Owen(non member) for a splendid narrating: F:4, A:0, Ab:1

  9. Kirsten mentions Dave Henderson.

  10. Kirsten reds the minutes.

  11. Ben and Mad Jenny arrive.

  12. We have the coasters.

  13. www.misterburgers.com

  14. Votes to mandate Jon to write a letter to Sainsbury's. Passed.

  15. Votes that Foreign Secretary can pretend to be Jon for the purposes of writing this letter. Passed.

  16. Votes that the Foreign Secretary should write to Someone or other who wasn't selling their tea in sensible packets. Passed.

  17. Ben claims the varsity match with Oxford will happen. (though I don't think he stated which varsity match or when).

  18. Votes to mandate the Foreign Secretary to write to Disney. Passed.

  19. Votes that the society should say eeeeuuuuwwww to Kirsten and Jon passed.

  20. Anthony's coming for the AGM.

  21. Owen wants the last little French man.

  22. Ben still hasn't got the plays.

  23. Vote to censure Ben for the above, passed by loads.

  24. Votes to censure Ben for Pythoning. Passed.

  25. Votes to declare war on Python. Passed.

  26. Votes to forget the war with Python and declare war on the Spanish Inquisition. Passed.

  27. Votes to censure Ben and Mad Jenny for being overly cute. Passed.

  28. Votes to go eeeuuuuwww at them. Passed.

  29. Votes to censure Ben for extremely bad jokes. Passed.

  30. Votes to censure Jon and Ben for going on about their school. Passed.

  31. Votes that they should stop. Passed.

  32. Ben does his impression of Chinese and Japanese people with newspaper on his head.

  33. If you don't know what a dictionary is how do you find out.

  34. Jennifer 'Tact' Davies.

  35. Ben doesn't get the free Tibet joke.

  36. Next weeks meeting is on Sunday and is the AGM.

  37. Votes to close. Passed.

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