Minutes of the Pembroke College Winnie-the-Pooh Society Elevenses Meeting held on the 4/3/2000 in Rm. 4, 32 Panton Street

Present : Owen, Martin, Richard, Neil, Mad Jenny, Gina, Ben, Claire, Joachim.

Apologies : Granny.

  1. Martin opens the meeting as Mad Jenny isn't here yet even though it's her room.

  2. Votes to censure Mad Jenny for not being here to let us in. F:3 A:0 Ab:0

  3. We phone Ben to find out where they are, apparently they are stuck in traffic.

  4. Ed the Vet described us as interesting.

  5. Mad Jenny finally arrives to let us in.

  6. Owen's written a letter to Sainsbury's.

  7. Votes that Ben should not be able to move. F:3 A:3 Ab:1.

  8. Ben reads out the letter to Sainsbury's but is overly critical of it.

  9. We discuss sound waves.

  10. Mad Jenny threatens to pour hot water over Ben.

  11. Votes to plant some of the mini Jaffa cakes to see if they will grow. F:0, A:6, Ab:1.

  12. Votes to let the visitor vote. F:6, A:0, Ab:1.

  13. Well it's all good clean fun isn't it.

  14. Votes to censure us all for gross irrelevancy. F:3, A:2, Ab:3.

  15. Dave Henderson is mentioned.

  16. Votes to censure Norway for not providing accurate enough translations of Winnie-the-Pooh. Passed.

  17. Votes to squirt jam in our eyes. Draw but before we get a visitor to vote, a committee meeting is opened and the motion vetoed.

  18. Reading: In which Piglet does a very Grand thing.

  19. Votes that Owen, who is Owl to the society, should be called Wowen. F:2, A:3, AB:3.

  20. Votes that Owen, who is owl to the society, should be called Wowen in all Poohsoc meetings. Passed.

  21. Votes that Mad Jenny can't propose the motion mentioned in minute 19 ever again. F:2, A:3, Ab:3.

  22. Ben leaves.

  23. Next week provisionally in Granny's room.

  24. Votes to say "arrrrrr poor Claire." Passed by lots and we duly do so.

  25. Vote to close. Passed.

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