Minutes of the Pembroke College Winnie-the-Pooh Society Elevenses Meeting held on the 20/01/2001 in Rm. 7, 10 Selwyn Gardens.

Present : Richard, Andrew, Rosie, Jenny H, Owen, 3 Furbies, Martin, Mary, Claire, Debbie, Jenny, Anthony, Kirsten and Benedict.

Apologies : Ben

  1. Owen opens the meeting.

  2. Owen proposes censuring Andrew for not answering the door when it is his turn, however no one seconds.

  3. Furbies sit and talk together.

  4. Andrew's Furby has no manners and is burping.

  5. We have free diaries.

  6. Owen gives Martin back all the archive stuff he had stolen.

  7. Claire's remembered the catalogue.

  8. We ought to do visitors to vote at some point.

  9. All we do is sit here and do nothing: Passed.

  10. Santa, she lives in Taunton.

  11. Claire was thrown by Debbie.

  12. Tomorrow's birthday was yesterday.

  13. Correspondence is read.

  14. Votes to commend them: Passed

  15. Votes to allow Jenny H to vote for this meeting: Passed.

  16. We have a 1.50 McVities voucher.

  17. Votes to mandate the treasurer to go with the voucher to the auction: Failed.

  18. We have 5p interest.

  19. We have another 4p interest.

  20. We have paid out 7.30

  21. The highlight of Claire's week a long time ago was seeing Andrew take his trousers off in her room.

  22. Rosie wears the moustache as mandated.

  23. Andrew reads the minutes of 25/11/00 and 29/11/00.

  24. Owen reads the minutes from 02/12/00

  25. Votes to censure Owen for not knowing about the daughter chapter: Passed.

  26. The week after next people should bring cheques.

  27. Minutes of 13/01/01 are read by Owen.

  28. Jenny gives Claire the remaining 50p from Granny's pound. She has embezzled the rest.

  29. Anthony pays to join.

  30. Votes that Jenny shouldn't wake a Furby: Passed.

  31. Votes to shut it up or throw it out a window: Hung visitor decides for.

  32. Votes to censure Anthony anyway: Failed

  33. If we ignore it, it will feel lonely and pack its bags and leave: Passed (although that's not surprising since we didn't have an against category).

  34. Votes to censure Durleigh Sailing Club for having no skipping, voting in the whole committee in one go and being boring in their AGM: Passed.

  35. Votes that Claire sounds like a Furby: Passed.

  36. Votes that Claire should try to talk like a Furby: Passed.

  37. Votes to censure Claire for not doing it: Passed.

  38. People discuss films not one of which is about Pooh.

  39. Every one else is doing Furbies.


  41. Reading: In which Tigger comes to the Forest and has Breakfast.

  42. Votes to mandate Owen to read war and peace to find out if Wol is in it: Failed.

  43. The Furby reads worraworraworraworraworra

  44. Votes to name the corridor a court of Pembroke College: Passed.

  45. Votes to have the AGM at 6pm, on the 24th of Feb ignoring the appropriate clause of the constitution as required. Passed

  46. Next week, 51 Madingley Road.

  47. Cambridge student stuff is read out.

  48. Mary skipped.

  49. Varsity is broken.

  50. Listing in society listing.

  51. Will there be a veggie menu at wine Soc.

  52. Andrew guitar recital is advertised.

  53. Furbies again.

  54. Jenny will write to Author Chandler.

  55. It is this weekend not next weekend.

  56. Votes to write to Santa: Passed.

  57. Black tie AGM

  58. Richard apologises for the 3rd Feb, Kirsten apologises for the next two weeks.

  59. Coasters given to Owen.

  60. Granny might pop up sometime.

  61. Granny in a toaster although he's chilled at the moment.

  62. The bed and mug are in one piece.

  63. Voucher given to Claire.

  64. Votes to censure Martin for forgetting to ask Anthony about stuff: Passed.

  65. We try to compose a list of assets.

  66. Andrew rocks backwards and forwards.

  67. Votes to censure Claire for pushing Benedict over: Failed.

  68. Andrew bought 3 Furbies so he could buy a 12 pack of batteries.

  69. Votes to put rechargeable batteries into the Furbies so they don't work: Failed.

  70. Votes to censure the President for reading non-Pooh related material in a meeting: Passed.

  71. Benedict runs off to get someone to open the biscuits for him.
  72. Votes to close: Passed.

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