Minutes of the Pembroke College Winnie-the-Pooh Society Organdising Meeting held on the 30/01/2001 in H1.

Present : Jenny, Ben, Owen, Martin, Debbie, Claire, Richard

Apologies : Kirsten, Benedict, Richard.

  1. Jenny opens the meeting.

  2. We all turn into pumpkins at 10pm.

  3. What can we do with the Christian dodars.

  4. Copyright.

  5. Claire's an ancient Egyptian.

  6. What can we hand out to people.

  7. We will hand out pieces of paper with:
    Cottleston Pie (the poem that is) on one side.
    Vespers (also a poem) on the other.
    "We feel this speaks for itself and leave the interpretation up to you" on the top of the first side.
    Web address on the back.

  8. Votes to do the above: Passed.

  9. Events - Formal trough 6pm Wednesday 7th "Is poohsoc arrogantly exclusive".

  10. Videos Wednesday 14th Feb "Poohsticks and lovers" New common room 6pm.

  11. Poohsticks match Sat 10th Feb - Meet porters lodge 3pm, meeting Q9 4pm.

  12. "All the questions answered" - Sat 17th Feb O10 4pm.

  13. Another bank statement with 5p interest.

  14. It's a coat.

  15. "Anthony is very special" - Ben.

  16. Indoor poohsticks.

  17. "Someone's vibrating and beeping and"

  18. Who is and?

  19. We have turned into pumpkins.

  20. Christians use Doughnuts.

  21. Yes we can spend money on food.

  22. Posters

  23. Little draws coming out of hard drives

  24. Toast and videos

  25. 5,7 are odd numbers.

  26. How do you fairly cut a cake into 3 pieces.

  27. Spot the Claire.

  28. Votes to censure Martin because we haven't censured anyone yet: Passed.

  29. Votes to censure Iain Smith: Passed.

  30. "That's the Poster" - Jenny about a floppy disk.

  31. Debbie and Martin spend their time watching car parks.

  32. Votes to ignore the clause in the constitution that says we have to have a reading: Passed.

  33. Votes to close: Passed.

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