Minutes of the Pembroke College Winnie-the-Pooh Society Formal Trough held on the 07/02/2001 in Trough, Rm. 6, 10 Selwyn Gardens.

Present : Owen, Jenny, Richard, Rosie, Andrew, Debbie, Will, Other people in trough, Martin (once in 10 Selwyn Gardens), Jenny

Apologies : Martin (for Trough), Claire, Ben

  1. Owen opens the meeting.

  2. Martin isn't present even though he is sitting with us.

  3. Votes to make Jenny stand: F:3002, A:3001, Ab:0, Motion Carried.

  4. Jenny makes a speech.

  5. Votes to censure Martin and Owen for making comments during the speech. F:0, A:-4, Ab:-1, Carried.

  6. Bits of reading from "In which tigger is unbounced" are made during the speech.

  7. Ian reads the loyal toast.

  8. Votes to censure ? and ? for leaving during the speech: F:infinity, A:2, Ab:2^(1/2)

  9. We vote to eat the society honey, F:5, 6:7, 8:9, Carried.

  10. Debbie requests that Martin puts pictures of Cambridge flooded on the website so that she can get copies of them.

  11. We are now in Selwyn Gardens.

  12. We are having pancakes.

  13. Debbie apologises for her absence next Saturday.

  14. Owen apologises for the general quality of next Saturday.

  15. We listen to our CUR radio interview.

  16. Debbie has given Martin (via Owen) a cheque for 12, however she only owes the society 10.98 so Martin gives her 1 and Debbie decides to make a 2p donation to the society. Rosie gives Martin 9:50 in cash, however she only owes 9.48 and so also makes a 2p donation.

  17. Ian uses the word oscillate in conversation.

  18. Votes that Ian can't use the word oscillate in conversation: F:2, A:2, Ab:0, Visitor decides against.

  19. Owen has more flowers in his pancake.

  20. Ian is fascinated by Mobius strips.

  21. Andrew is going to drink Maple syrup from the bottle.

  22. Cartoons and tv program themes are played.

  23. Red dwarf.

  24. Ian suggest we all go run round Trinity.

  25. Votes to close, F:5, A:0, Ab:0. Motion Carried.

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