The minutes of the Pembroke College Winnie the Pooh Society Meeting: 'Poohsticks and lovers', in the NCR, Wednesday the 14th February 2001.

Present: Ben, Jenny, Owen, Andrew, Rosie

  1. Jenny asks 'where are my stickers!?'

  2. Ben tells us that you can get salt and shake crisps with a choice of flavours.

  3. We are good and tidy up our litter.

  4. Jenny has been finding out about society shirts: 22 would be too expensive. Owen complains.

  5. A motion to commend Talking Tees for having price lists on coloured paper: f,1; ag,0; ab,4; carried.

  6. A motion to censure the website for not working with the browser: f,4; ag,0; ab,1; carried.

  7. We would be prepared to spend 15 on a society top.

  8. The Ottoman cakes will soon be gone.

  9. How to sell society tops on our website without college minding.

  10. We will visit Martin's room. Where is he?

  11. I decide it would be silly to give Jenny 5 so that a somebody else doesn't have to.

  12. The person who owes Jenny 5 thinks he is not allowed in our meeting. We tell him Roo is still the Queen, because that was the last time he was in a Winnie the Pooh Society meeting.

  13. Jenny chooses which stickers she wants and we give some to Ben and Owen.

  14. Owen thinks 'it really does have to be Wol.'

  15. Jenny will have just one more little one.

  16. We are going to Ben's to listen to tapes without disturbing people.

  17. Owen takes over the minuting while Rosie goes to the library

  18. Owen didn't have a pigeonhole yesterday. (It decided to have a day off).

  19. URGENT- Elevation.

  20. Tea.

  21. It's still February - so Christmas tea!

  22. Ben is censured for reading non-A.A.Milne-related material: f,2; ag,1; ab,1: carried

  23. Owen fancies A Piece of Bread and Butter - he sent it a Valentines card.

  24. Votes to censure Pembroke Street (including Ian) for not including us: f,3; ag,0; ab,1: carried

  25. Rosie returns and takes over minuting.

  26. Ben gives us fruit, Owen misses all 4.

  27. 'Emma for Andrew...' because she sent him a letter 1st class the day before Valentines day.

  28. Ben is a provocative so-&-so: f,3; ag,1; ab,1: carried

  29. Where is Martin? Did he run off with Debbie on Valentine's day? After all he put up non-pooh pictures on the website just for her.

  30. The kettle makes Ben's lights go out.

  31. Ben wouldn't want to loose his computer on Valentine's day.

  32. Ben proposes to censure himself for the above: f,3; ag,0; ab,2: carried.

  33. Richard and Claire and Neil may have run off in a kinky threesome.

  34. We don't want to think about that: f,3; ag,0; ab,1: carried.

  35. We want tea but everyone abstained from voting.

  36. Rosie and Andrew are doing a sponsored sleepout, but we won't get stabbed because it's in Jesus.

  37. We hear the Blue Danube tape (Ben is interviewed about the characters being captive in the US). It ends abruptly.

  38. Ben didn't know what he was talking about- it was the Austrian foreign service.

  39. Ben was then interviewed on Radio Cambridgeshire: on the electric telephone. (on whether this is an international affair, and whether it is too late to protest. How pooh is worth more than the three graces).

  40. The University radio interview is played.

  41. They cut the end of the interview and missed Debbie.

  42. Overland poohsticks every term?

  43. We should invite Sheila (spit) and Bill Clinton to formal hall.

  44. Shh. Because Andrew hasn't heard this interview before.

  45. Jenny saying what the interviewer told her to on air would've been media manipulation. We should invite them to formal hall.

  46. Could these tapes be put on the website, or on Ben's if they are too big?

  47. Someone else lives in Ben's house. He just walked through.

  48. Martin and some other people didn't like the penguin photos being on the website.

  49. The above should be reinstated: f,2; ag,1; ab,1: carried

  50. Owen gives Jenny a floppy. Martin has typed the minutes but not the speech.

  51. Censure Rosie for reading Pembroke Street: f,3; ag,0; ab,1: carried.

  52. Censure Jenny for wanting to show me her Valentine's card to Ben (but Jeremy sent it really): f,1; ag,1; ab,3: failed.

  53. Can Ben vote for or against as long as he abstains too?

  54. It is 6 days until a year is up.

  55. Owen has to make more minutes.

  56. Ben has a visitation.

  57. Votes to close: f,0; ag,1; ab,2: failed

  58. Votes to close; f,1; ag,1; ab,2: let the Queen vote - toss a coin to decide- heads, therefore closed.

  59. Meeting reopened.

  60. Votes to invoke LIV: f,2; ag,0; ab,1: carried.

  61. Votes to invoke LV: f,1; ag,1; ab,1: the Queen decides against.

  62. Jenny needs the ISBN number. (ISBN 0-416-26470-0)

  63. Jenny nearly proposes a motion, but decides against it.

  64. Votes to close: f,1; ag,1; ab,1: Queen against: failed.

  65. Votes to close: f,1; ag,1; ab,1: Queen for: carried.

  66. Votes that the Queen will eventually come up heads. And to at to the chese.

  67. This meeting is out to the chese.

Belated apologies: Ian, Debbie (they wish to be de-Elevated)

Elevation -

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