Minutes of the Pembroke College Winnie-the-Pooh Society Annual General Meeting held on the 24/02/2001 in the Inner Parlour, Formal Hall and O10.

Present : Owen, Richard, Claire, Martin, Ben, Ian, Jenny, Rosie, Andrew, Stuart, Debbie

Apologies : Yasmin

  1. For the last time as President, Jenny opens the meeting.

  2. "Well I can call them on my phone" -Jenny.

  3. Is Andrew a figment of our imagination?

  4. The letter to Durleigh Sailing Club is read out.

  5. We finally become quorate for an AGM as Andrew and Rosie arrive.

  6. The letter to Lord Mallard is read out.

  7. Ben has provided sandwiches, as he is required to do by the constitution.

  8. The letter to WAGN is read out.

  9. Rosie is wearing the moustache.

  10. The minutes of the Poohsoc meeting held on the 14/02/01 are read out.

  11. "There's something wrong with me and Ian" - Rosie.

  12. A photo of Andrew is passed around.

  13. Votes to amend the minutes - Passed.

  14. Votes to amend the minutes - Failed.

  15. Votes to censure CUR for trying to cut Debbie - Passed.

  16. Is it Sheila spit and Clinton swallow?

  17. The minutes of the Poohsoc meeting held on the 17/02/01 are read out.

  18. Votes that Jenny has spoken too much - F:0, A:1, Ab:some - Failed.

  19. Alteration to the duties of the treasurer clause in the constitution - Failed since it was not a 2/3 majority.

  20. "Can we just embrace the female" - Ben
    "No you cannot" - Jenny

  21. Stuart Armstrong pays his Pooh levy.

  22. The elections are held in there traditional manner with hustings, skipping and a very long speech by Owen.

  1. The results of the Elections are as follows: (* means elected)




    Under Secretary:

    Foreign Secretary:

    Christopher Robin:

    Roo :

    Narrator :

    Alexander Beetle :

  2. Votes to censure Owen for getting the number of days in the year wrong: Passed

  3. Votes to censure Owen for blatant lying: Passed

  4. For Under Secretary Martin would be best. Any objections Andrew?

  5. Jenny and braces.

  6. Jenny organdised Rob.

  7. Votes to create under-pooh - Failed.

  8. We go to Formal hall.

  9. Votes that Claire is Martin's property for the evening: F:1, A:1, Ab:0- CR decides For, So Motion carried.

  10. "How would you like it, now you are under-secretary" - Rosie to Martin

  11. "I can't do it without licking" - Claire

  12. We have the loyal toast.

  13. We have an outgoing speech by Jenny.

  14. Cottleston pie is sung.

  15. Reading: Introduction.

  16. Next weeks meeting will be in Rm.6, 10 Selwyn Gardens.

  17. Votes that the whole of the committee are vain - Passed.

  18. Votes to mandate Ben and Jenny to get bigger testaments: Passed

  19. Vote that the society should pay: Failed.

  20. "You should meet the rest of my family" - Claire to Martin

  21. We leave formal hall.

  22. Claire and Ian go to the off-license together.

  23. The photos are put onto the computer.

  24. Claire showed the man in the off-license Ian's testaments and he was impressed.

  25. Claire wishes she had got his email address.

  26. Claire goes to Ian's room again.

  27. We play with Multimap.com

  28. Claire and Ian run off to the off-license again

  29. "Why does it always have to fail with me" - Owen

  30. Owen finds a picture of his house for us to look at.

  31. Pictures of Rosie on the Internet.

  32. Ian and Claire are back again.

  33. Mark from the off-license gave Claire his email address after she asked for it.

  34. Claire attacks people.

  35. Claire uses Owen to get hot.

  36. "You get to be close to blokes and it's really good exercise" - Claire.

  37. "Feel" Claire to Martin. (Not for the first time, according to Claire)

  38. Votes to close: Passed

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