Minutes of the Pembroke College Winnie-the-Pooh Society Elevenses Meeting held on the 02/02/2003(2002) on Poohsticks Bridge and at various other places.

Present: Owen, Roz, Martin, Neil, Rosie, Andrew, Alison, David, Jenny, Ben, Granny, Naath, Rosy, Rachel, Anthony, Various, visitors, Ecstatic


  1. Owen opens the meeting

  2. Presidential decree: The person chairing gets to call the motions anyone breaking this will be thrown in the river.

  3. Votes to not get run over: Passed

  4. Votes to hang Naathís feet: Passed

  5. Naath is waiting to run us over: Passed

  6. Plan X {not minuted in case they find it}

  7. The 2:22:22 trial

  8. Various other trials

  9. Owens big stick

  10. Poohsoc expands and contracts at various times

  11. Votes to mandate Martin to play: Passed

  12. Votes to throw Martin in the river if he fails to take part: Passed

  13. Votes to go to the graduate center: Passed

  14. Weíre ostracizing Neil and Rachel: Passed

  15. Hot chocolate and cake

  16. 7p interest in the bank account itís a record

  17. Suggestion to buy a ball in May so we can have a May ball

  18. We all stroke Andrew, all fun and exciting stuff

  19. Martin has put it on the right way round but on the wrong end

  20. We want to know if it is today, tomorrow, sometime or never, as Ben talks about blowing upside down hedgehogs

  21. All hail Alison, Queen of the world, All shall worship her and despair {I suggest we donít let Alison near the minutes in future}

  22. Votes to mandate Neil to go and stroke that mans tie: Passed

  23. We must throw Roz in the river for calling that motion

  24. Votes to something a motion: Hung CR decides against

  25. We are a triangular circle with gaps in

  26. Neil has a terrible fear that he is making no sense at all

  27. Votes not to censure Neil: Failed

  28. Maybe Ben has a dirty mind: Passed

  29. Votes to stay here: Passed

  30. A beard clip

  31. Votes to get rid of Martin: Failed

  32. "I am becoming a shoulder rest" Neil

  33. Yeeeeeeeeeee! : Passed

  34. Votes that if you are 20,000ft above the committee they can no longer veto you: Failed

  35. Votes to have more minutes: Failed

  36. Votes to stop Neil proposing boring motions: Failed

  37. "He implied that I was dishonest, dishonorable and completely horrible" Roz

  38. Votes to censure Neil for the above: Passed

  39. Votes that Neil, Rachel, Rosy, Roz, Owen and Alison are deranged: Passed

  40. Votes that Martin is also deranged: Failed

  41. Martin is obsessive and should live his life by the constitution: Passed

  42. Votes that Neil doesnít explode like a Norwegian: Passed

  43. Votes to try and find out: Failed

  44. "If he was officially a fish he wouldnít have any eyes" Roz about Neil

  45. Christian fish, how do you baptize them?

  46. Neil should pay attention to Benís araldite

  47. Alison claims to be like Araldite, we ask her whether she is strong and sets when mixed with hardener, but she refuses to comment

  48. Person to give new members a firm whack over: RON*

  49. Roz wants a moment of ecstasy with ecstatic

  50. Someone needs to take Neil away and give him a little lecture on the facts of life: Passed

  51. Blindfold Rosy to hide her black eye

  52. "Why are you playing with the cow" Neil to Rachel

  53. Votes to hire a pigeon to peck Neilís ears out so as to improve his hearing: Passed

  54. Neil refuses to do anything to annoy the society so we can put him on trial

  55. NOT TO BE READ OUT IN THE PRECENSE OF NEIL As long as Neil lies face down somewhere saying Iím ok somewhere after heís thrown in the Cam he will be ok

  56. Roz is really bad at firing red things

  57. Votes to increment Martin: Passed

  58. Ben and Rachel hide under the table

  59. All minutes should be number 47 from now on: Failed

  60. All minutes should be 47 from now on for the duration of this meeting: Passed

  61. Its very ungentlemanly to talk about people staring at Rosyís back passage

  62. Rosie tells us why she thinks lap dogs are called lap dogs. We are unsure about this after her previous record with Dunstan

  63. "Testaments are really humorous things"

  64. "Theyíre rechargeable you can recharge them 1,000 times"

  65. Ben used to be a little tiny little thing

  66. Ben is like Rosyís father only faster

  67. He ties her legs together

  68. Roz is in a room with a mobile and some farmyard animals

  69. Dave Henderson is mentioned... ...Naked... ...with Granny waving at him... ...wearing a silly hat

  70. "He went on a mission to the hop growers of Cambridge and just played with lots of small boys" Roz

  71. Ben sleeps with more people than he did 50 years ago, as does Rosie

  72. Rosy stands on Benís head

  73. Ben fantasizes about Nunís (or Neilís) in the bath

  74. O I think I had Henry 8th

  75. Votes to close: Passed

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