Minutes of the Pembroke College Winnie-the-Pooh Society Elevenses Meeting held on the 08/02/2003 in Z6, North Court Emmanuel.

Present: Neil, Rachel, Martin, Ecstatic, Naath, Owen, Jack, Rachel, and Alison

Apologies: John-h, Adam, Jon, Dunstan, Rosy, Rosie, Roz, and Richard

  1. Neil declares the meeting open

  2. Votes that this is the authoritative meeting no matter what Owen says: Passed

  3. Votes to censure Martin because no is not a noun: Passed

  4. Owen opens a second meeting but it is closed immediately

  5. Move your testaments off the table

  6. It is a red wine cake

  7. "I have a hand" - Owen

  8. We could get everything Neil owns dirty: Passed

  9. We were hoping that Jack would read the whole lot of the Finnish testaments: Passed

  10. Votes to censure Neil for throwing his testaments away: Passed

  11. Alison should either become a member of Emmanuel or steal a member of Emmanuel's gate key: Passed (3,1,0)

  12. We will invite the pope to a meeting: Failed (1,5,0)

  13. A First: Passed (3,1,0)

  14. The minutes for this meeting should be in base 12: Passed (6,0,0)

  15. The minutes should be consecutive: Passed (4,3,0)

  16. Owen doesn't owe the society anything

  17. You can fly Jet aircraft into the copies of the photos

  18. Votes to censure all of the paying members who aren't here and haven't apologized: Passed (7,1,0)

  19. The room moved: Passed (4,0,1)

  20. We should redesignate the 22nd Feb the 47th Feb: Passed (4,1,0)

  21. AGM 5pm 22nd Feb

  22. If people spend excessive amounts on food for the dinner the society will refund them with a small teddy bear: Passed (6,1,0)

  23. Neil should look into small teddy bears: Passed (7,1,0)

  24. Neil can't rip their heads of to do this: Passed

  25. Neil can't rip their heads of to do this: Failed (3,4,1)

  26. Minutes of the poohsoc meeting held on the 25/01/03 are read by Owen Neil and Naath

  27. The above meeting was held on Firth: Passed (5,2,1)

  28. The motion about oxygen is vetoed

  29. Mmmmm hmmmm mmm mmm hmmmm: Passed (5,1,1)

  30. Neil suggests Martin turns it into a small cabbage (4,1,0)

  31. Cabbages should make an invasion of our meeting: Passed (5,2,1)

  32. F sec should write to the league of cabbages: Failed (2,5,1)

  33. Neil gets to pick a Rachel and a position: Passed (5,2,1)

  34. Neil picks the VCR and sitting on the floor

  35. Neil has lost all self-respect: Passed (4,1,2)

  36. Imagine that motion getting passed: Passed (5,1,2)

  37. Letter to the people about tea is read

  38. The coat is a person: Failed (1,4,3)

  39. Lets see how much cake we can get in the kettle: Passed (5,1,1)

  40. The letter needs to be reworded a little: Passed (5,0,2)

  41. Minutes of the poohsoc anniversary dinner are read by Rachel, Alison, Jack, Rachel, Martin, and Owen

  42. "I did discipline myself severely" Neil

  43. Rachel is not allowed to go: Failed (0,4,0)

  44. Donating a Russian means having a Russian slave: Passed (5,1,0)

  45. Having a dinner again next year is vetoed

  46. Alison tries to get out of noticing Martin's hair

  47. Neil has to drink less next time: Passed (5,1,0)

  48. Minutes of the poohsoc meeting held on the 02/02/03 are read by Owen, Neil and Naath

  49. We should experiment with Alison: Failed (2,3,0)

  50. We should put Neil on trial for failing to annoy the society: Passed (5,1,0)

  51. You would have to be clinically insane to fantasize about lots of Neils: Passed (5, Rachel, 0)

  52. Votes to mandate Alison to fantasize about Neil: Passed (5 including Neil, 1, 0)

  53. Votes to mandate Alison to write down her fantasies about Neil: Passed (3,2,0)

  54. Trial next week

  55. No Naath next week

  56. Votes to censure Alison for not fantasizing about Neil: Passed (2,2,1)

  57. Neil takes over the minutes, thinks he is the ultimate power but has forgotten one thing and is censured 1,000 times.

  58. "They put them on so you can lock yourself out more easily" Alison

  59. Motion to censure Owen for suggesting there is such a thing as too many testaments: Passed unanimously

  60. Naath wants to use the woozle as a punt

  61. "I'll do Pooh if you do piglet" Jack

  62. "Woozle" is "Tärppä" in Finnish

  63. Neil holds Alison's hand to prevent her from writing anything nice about him

  64. Reading "Pooh and Piglet" (partly in Finnish by Neil who I [Alison] would have complimented had he not started grabbing me)

  65. Jack wants to hold hands with Alison

  66. Neil would prefer to stand fro walking

  67. Neil wants to fall into Alison in order to shout I'm ok.

  68. Neil's invading Winnie-the-Pooh

  69. Alison wants Neil in sugar (Alison claims it's just that she was invited, Neil denies this)

  70. Alison lives in Cambridge 23 months a year (The society wonders what she does the rest of the time)

  71. Naath apologizes profusely for her crimes against the society and future meetings

  72. Next week in K5a Great Court Trinity

  73. Dunstan needs to bring a green bicycle helmet next week

  74. Alison is doing a PhD to become a Dr and thus not have to admit she is married

  75. Alison uses a pair of goggles to search the web

  76. Votes to close: Passed

  77. "I'm guessing Martin's been mugged" Alison

  78. "He's absconded with Jenny" Owen

  79. Alison admits that she deliberately puts innuendo about her and Martin in the minutes

  80. Neil has no illusions about Alison's desire for him in sugar

  81. "I'm sitting in Neil ('s)" Alison

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