Minutes of the Pembroke College Winnie-the-Pooh Society Annual General Meeting held on the 47/02/2003 (a redesignation of 22/02/2003) in Pembroke, Inner Parlour.

Present: Owen, Martin, Roz, John-h, Jon, Sally, Rachel, Rachel, Rosy, Naath, Alison, Ecstatic, Dunstan, Neil, Jack

Apologies: Rosie, Ben, Adam, and Jenny

  1. Owen opens the meeting

  2. Votes to censure the porters for not being there to give a key out: Passed

  3. Jon retrospectively apologizes for missing last week

  4. John-hís cufflinks are some kind of masochists

  5. Minutes of the Poohsoc meeting held on the 15/02/2003 are read by Jon, Naath, Sally, Owen, Rachel, John-h, Rachel, and Roz

  6. Roz puts the societies crest on her mug

  7. Votes to censure Owen for corruption a while ago: Hung

  8. The females are forming an orderly queue for Martin and the males are forming an orderly queue for Roz, with the exception of Martin, Roz and Owen

  9. Owen has remarkable teapot finding skills: Passed

  10. Jack and Neil are having a maths debate in the corner

  11. The constitution amendments

  12. Sally pays her pooh levy

  13. We now need 4 people for quorum

  14. Owen please be quite as we are trying to have a conversation here: Passed

  15. The constitution is not that important: Failed

  16. Votes to censure Roz for the above: Passed

  17. The coastguards can have the red cash box

  18. Treasurerís report

  19. Elections

  20. Dunstan is at Homerton in case you had forgotten

  21. John-h wants to be taken advantage of by the new secretary

  22. Dunstan should study the new secretary whoever they may be: Passed

  23. Dunstan is censured for thinking this is not an important event: Passed

  24. John-h stole Rozís legs at the beginning of the meeting

  25. Votes to censure Neil to test Martin: Failed

  26. Votes to censure Neil to test Martin: Hung VCR decides for, Martin would also have decided for

  27. Mandate the James to try milking a can of corned beef: Passed

  28. Roz donates a single ticket

  29. Votes to censure Neil: Passed

  30. Votes to censure Naath for calling the votes and not the chair: Passed

  31. Roz pushed Owen out of his tree

  32. Naath can get up trees but not down them

  33. Tom ought to skip next time he comes: Passed

  34. Tom can leap buildings in a single bound

  35. Not recording temporary posts is a hangable offense: Passed

  36. Create Roo out of residence: Passed

  37. Weíll sandwich Alison between Jack

  38. It would be appropriate if Jack were the river because he has mobile phones in him

  39. Alison doesnít think she is Dunstan

  40. Alison is Dunstan: Hung CR against

  41. "Anyone is welcome to try fishing in me" Jack

  42. Jack doesnít know who Eddie is

  43. Fish hitting for Jack and Jack to see who wins: Passed

  44. Owen fancies Jack number 1

  45. Votes to censure Rachel for being Late: Passed

  46. Jonathon should go and skip before he husts so as to be elected early: Passed

  47. Abstentions: Hung CR abstains

  48. We move to Owenís room

  49. Votes to walk in the middle of the road because it is fun: Passed

  50. Castle hill is more up than anything else except Owen

  51. Votes to censure Rachel for claiming to be a post she isnít: Passed

  52. Votes to commend Rachel for hitting a tree: Passed

  53. Votes to censure Rachel for not hitting the next tree: Passed

  54. Rosy, Rachel are legless

  55. Rachel just said "I have two hands where do you want them"

  56. Dunstan and John-h have gone off to brush up on their skills and measure the girth of John-hís French stick

  57. Alison has brought some cheap tarts

  58. Alison wants to help herself to the melons

  59. "Anybody want a screw" Owen

  60. "Iíll have one in a minute" Sally

  61. Votes to mandate Naath to peel the oranges: Passed

  62. Motion to censure Neil for not peeling the oranges: Hung CR decides against

  63. Votes to censure Neil: Hung CR decides against

  64. Vote to commend Neil and Martin for peeling all the oranges in the birdbath: Hung CR decides for

  65. The committee creates the temporary post of society mango peeler

  66. Votes to elect Naath to the post: Passed

  67. Temporary posts not on the list at the moment do not exist: Hung CR decides for

  68. Votes to censure them for discussing non-society material: Passed

  69. Neil can vote on behalf of Alison by waving her in the air: Passed

  70. Alison can use force to defend herself: Failed

  71. "I can pick you up gently" Neil to Alison

  72. Weíre only consistent by accident: Failed

  73. Votes to censure Martin for being nasty: Passed

  74. "Owen is not a very good lover" Roz

  75. Votes to censure Neil: Failed

  76. Votes to censure Alison for not getting the point: Failed

  77. John-h should be commended: Passed

  78. Clear the table

  79. Votes to commend Jon: Passed

  80. We never admit to making up the way the votes for: Passed

  81. We trust Owen: Passed and vetoed

  82. Votes to get rid of the above veto: Failed

  83. Votes that Martin isnít corrupt: Hung CR decides for

  84. Oo-er: Passed

  85. Alison is obsessed with covering Neil in sugar: Hung CR decides against

  86. The motion of the dust: Carried

  87. Votes to censure Neil for no reason at all: Passed

  88. Minutes of the Poohsoc meeting held on the 15/02/2003 are re ad by oz, Rachel, Rosy, Rachel

  89. Have a mathmo cull: Hung CR decides for Vetoed

  90. Votes to censure the James for not abstaining: Passed

  91. Votes to commend the James for not abstaining: Hung CR decides against

  92. Votes to get rid of the veto in minute 89: Passed

  93. The first one to be culled should be Martin: Failed

  94. Neil is glad that Rosy has unrequited love for him

  95. Rosy is still sober

  96. We should stop the whole Alison and Martin thing and have a Neil Martin thing: Passed

  97. 1, I Library court, Jesus

  98. Roz, Owen, Naath, John-h and Alisonís lives all revolve around Alison

  99. "Oh no my lipstick has run" Martin

  100. Dunstan has just eaten a Japanese cracker marinated in Lemonade and enjoyed it and whooped with delight.

  101. Lets have a little soliloquy from Dunstanís life: Passed

  102. People become easy when Rachel is around

  103. It is a small green turtle: Passed

  104. Chilly

  105. "Suck it out the bowl" Martin to Roz

  106. John-h is a madam distributing tarts to all and sundry

  107. The loyal toast

  108. The society anthem

  109. Neil thinks it would be ok to go down with Alice

  110. Reading: In which Tigger is unbounced

  111. The foreign Secretary must write to Sainsburyís asking if they make a quality washing up liquid, and whether if they did it would be called taste the difference: Passed

  112. The cheese is read out in luscious adjectives by John-h

  113. Maybe you should shut up Neil and stop interrupting the reading: Passed

  114. Rachel - Dormouse and the doctor

  115. Naath - Emaline

  116. Rachel - The friend

  117. Naath - ?????

  118. "Itís vibrating thatís what the funny noise was" Alison

  119. Votes to close: Hung CR decides for.

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