Minutes of the Pembroke College Winnie-the-Pooh Society Poohsticks and Punting Expoition held on the 23/02/2003, outside St Johnís, on Poohsticks bridge, on two punts (and in the river), and in the Grad Pad.

Minuted by Rosy, John-h and Roz

Present: (Part I) Rachel C, Rachel H, Rosy

  1. Meeting opened at 12:20am outside St Johnís.

  2. Votes to commend Rachel Cís leg for not giving up on the way from there to here: Passed 2:0:1

  3. We canít close this meeting as we arenít quorate.

(A constitutional point: the motion in minute 2 was carried in a meeting which subsequently became quorate, with as many votes for as in many motions in quorate meetings, but does it count?)

Present: (Part II) Rachel H, Rosy, John-h, Roz, Owen, Sally (briefly), Naath

Visitor: Jack

Apologies: Ecstatic

  1. John-hís friend is astonished to find he is a member of PoohSoc.

  2. John-hís friend thinks Poohsticks sounds dodgy.

  3. Finding somewhere to put John-hís shopping.

  4. Sally and her parents arrive, collect Sallyís bike, and leave again.

  5. Not answering phone calls.

  6. Where is Naath? Roz doesnít want to carry her cake tin about all afternoon.

  7. The duties of the Captain of Poohsticks, which seem to involve encouraging cheating in the ranks.

  8. John-h is a cruel and unusual Home Secretary, just call him David.

  9. His middle name is David. How appropriate.

  10. But he doesnít know why.

  11. Rozís arms are too long, like a gorilla.

  12. If they were on fire then it would be kindest to throw them in the river so letís set them on fire. (Roz)

  13. The river is unusually low.

  14. Oh thatís where Naath is.

  15. Poohsticks round I. Rosy wins.

  16. Roz has a weapon of mass destruction. Itís a biological weapon.

  17. Poohsticks round II. Rosy wins again.

  18. Itís a nice afternoon. Letís go punting.

  19. Letís throw a Heffalump into the river to make the reverse Poohsticks thing work. (Letís not!)

  20. Four chaps picnicking by the river.

  21. The Society should buy some blue braces for the Christopher Robin.

  22. Silly American accent, "I was having, like, an OK night."

  23. Fishermen smiling.

  24. A white heart on the cobbles.

  25. We decide to go punting. We need two punts.

  26. It was nice of them to run us into a wall.

  27. Rosy is rai(?eig?)ning. So is Owen.

  28. What a beard!

  29. John-h, do you see that wall? Well we donít want to hit it.

  30. Pooh socks for PoohSoc.

  31. Roz once saw a boat row over a duck and it came out the other side dead.

  32. John-h FELL IN!

  33. His phone was in his pocket. Oh dear.

  34. Jack got sprinkled.

  35. We should fill a paddling pool with Bran Flakes and put John-h in it.

  36. John-h sploshes away.

  37. The rest of us go in search of tea in the Grad Pad.

  38. A lift debate, who shall we throw out?

  39. Hot chocolate. Heresy.

  40. Nobody expects the Faculty of Education.

  41. Itís so pointy it really quite hurts. (Roz)

  42. Spam.

  43. Blood.

  44. Education.

  45. We interview Owen.

  46. Medecine.

  47. We know virtually nothing.

  48. Ritalin. Again.

  49. Generalisations about generalisations.

  50. Lord of the Rings.

  51. Owenís shoes.

  52. Wheetabix would be difficult to model.

  53. Things we wonít tell people.

  54. Votes to close (before Naath leaves and we lose quorum again). Passed.

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