Minutes of the Pembroke College Winnie-the-Pooh Society Pooh-Sticks Meeting, held on the 16/03/2003 along the Cam.

Present: Alison, Martin, Naath, Rachel H, Rosy, Dunstan (in an 18th Century blouse), Jack, Catherine (passing by on a punt)

Visitors: Naathís Mum

Apologies: Katie, Rosie, Owen, Roz, Jenny

  1. Meeting is opened by Rosy.

  2. Jack arrives as the Pembroke clock strikes two.

  3. Rosy will be a chair.

  4. "I donít want to see you run over in front of my eyes" Jack to Martin

  5. Votes to ignore Rosy officially: Passed

  6. Votes to let visitors vote: Passed

  7. Naath suggests we should play pooh-sticks with fish sticks.

  8. The "witch-burning in case of Neil being pushed in the Cam" veto is contested.

  9. The Bizarre Cambridge Thing of bridge hopping is demonstrated as we are temporarily joined by a new visitor.

  10. Rachelís self-propelled pooh-stick plays pooh-sticks on its own and is disqualified.

  11. "Give me a tenner and Iíll show you to the bedroom" Alison

  12. We decide to give the imaginary life jacket provided by Katie to Dunstan as he imagines he canít swim.

  13. "You get more immediate gratification" Martin

  14. "Itís a guy thing" Dunstan

  15. "Most people find it more gratifying if it involves other peoples" Jack

  16. We embarked on punt SC016.

  17. Votes to censure Marks and Spencer Jaffa cakes for being the wrong shape: Passed

  18. Votes to censure Martin for putting his oar in: Passed

  19. "If Martin was the other way round he could be our figure head" Dunstan

  20. We should invent a pooh-soc salute.

  21. Rosy is half hung from pooh-sticks bridge

  22. Dunstan explains that he is familiar with Cambridgeís Red Light district and offers to show Martin around.

  23. "We probably donít have time to go all the way" Martin to Rosy.

  24. M&S still water bottles look like mentholated spirits bottles.

  25. "I donít steer my car with a big pole stuck out of the bottom" Martin

  26. "Pooh soc is very good at making me do things which arenít natural" Dunstan

  27. Votes to mandate Martin to stand at the front of the punt, hold up his arms and shout "Iím the King of the World!": Passed

  28. "Alligators in the Baptistery" Rachel

  29. "The end of September is a punt" Rosy

  30. "This punt is the "Middle of March": Passed

  31. Votes to censure Martin for pulling Alisonís hair: Passed

  32. Dunstan does a very impressive impression of a duck

  33. "I would tug it really hard but Iíd probably come with it" Dunstan

  34. Alison suggests dipping cream in the meringues.

  35. Tourist Season - We hear someone taking pot shots at them.

  36. "The Camís been high" Rachel, "What was it on?" Rosy

  37. Rosy joins the United States of Ecstatic and declares war on the Democratic Peopleís Republic of Naathís Room.

  38. Alison has Dunstan counter measures.

  39. Itís a rotten life being female.

  40. Dunstan was the last person to win Knightmare. Weíre not worthy.

  41. "Iím going to watch Knightmare and shout "Oh, good catch Rosy"" Alison

  42. Votes to number the minutes in binary: Passed

  43. "Yes, Itís amazing what you can get people to swallow" Alison to Dunstan

  44. Votes to close: Passed

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