Minutes of the Pembroke College Winnie-the-Pooh Society, held on the 7th Febuary 2004 in Room 1, 3 Selywn Gardens

Present: Owen, Rachel C, Naath, Matthew, Michelle, Dunstan, Rosy, Jenny, Alison, Katie, Martin, Jonathan, Jack, Mair

Apologies: Rachel H, Jon-h

Guests: Mair's Sister

  1. Rachel C opens the meeting

  2. The problems of shoes and Tiny computers are (though not together, nor vive versa) are discussed

  3. 'Your dark monitor has found a secret supply of darkness somewhere inside'

  4. Votes to implement a change in conversation: passed

  5. 'We seem fairly normal'

  6. We should write to McVitties and ask them to make 'Nasty Biscuits': passed

  7. Votes to mandate the foreign secretary to undertake to do so: passed

  8. Visitors can vote: passed

  9. Shall we censure Neil: passed

  10. Votes to censure Neil: failed

  11. We are The Pembroke College Censuring Neil Society: passed

  12. We must censure Neil at least once per meeting: passed

  13. Votes to commend Owen for cooking such a lovely cake: passed

  14. Feminists always get the best mugs: passed

  15. Men are incontinent: passed

  16. Something: passed

  17. Votes to commend Alison for being honest: passed

  18. Votes to censure Naath for putting the minutes into context: failed

  19. Wibble: passed

  20. Biscuit hustings take place: Cadbury's Animals (Owen) Boasters (Mair)

  21. Boasters win by default because Owen is unable to produce any Animals

  22. We are extremely worried by the decline in the Cadbury's Animals population

  23. Votes to censure the Sci-Fi contingent: passed

  24. Votes to censure everyone who has brought healthy stuff: passed

  25. Votes to censure Neil: passed

  26. Votes to censure Matthew for no apparent reason, other than to prove that we can: passed

  27. We aren't hiding in the corner passing disingenuous motions: passed

  28. Poohsoc has two hearts: passed

  29. It is forbidden for members of the society to kill or 'assassinate' one another during society events on pain of being poohsticked: passed

  30. 'We're both such creative individuals that that there's plenty of potential for cross-fertilisation' - Dunstan

  31. Reading: In Which a Search is Organised?

  32. <something which appears to be about clandestine liberty>

  33. 'Something, something, something, shopping lists'

  34. Tom and Naath have melded into a single entity

  35. No we shouldn't: passed

  36. Votes to abolish Jack just to see what happens: passed

  37. 'If we combined Alison and Katie and then still added a good few years then we would have a Carol Vordaman look alike' - Dunstan

  38. The society's minutes are a form of stream of conscious literature: passed

  39. 'Anyone fancy a good time on Valentine's Day?'- Rachel C

  40. We should second a motion just so Dunstan has to write something down: passed (the task is duly delegated to Alison)

  41. There should be more disembodied Bob the Builder heads: passed

  42. Votes to close: passed

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