Meeting of the Pembroke College Winnie-the-Pooh 18th February 2006

Present: Lukshmi, Giles, Ed, Katie, Rosy

1. Meeting opened.
2. There were two hung votes last week but apparently only one minute.
3. One of the votes is thought to have been "Votes to let members vote"- CR decides for
4. The other has been forgotten.
5. Coat hangers are the way to clear blocked drains.
6. Rosy is still listed as president on the website, so random post is going to Jesus. We have received a letter from the MD of a London jewellers' trying to sell his book about Southwold. He wants us to put the flyers in our "newsletter". Ho hum. 
7. There is a Pembroke clarinetist who lives upstairs.
8. College nursery- it's where you grow little colleges. But Churchill and Fitz won't breed with Newhall. And they're the only ones of childbearing age.
9. Rosy and Katie regale the assembled company with tales of meetings past.
10. Giles recites the minutes from last week.
11. Reading: In which Piglet meets a Heffalump.
12. Touched by his noodly appendage.
13. Giles is very tired. It's all Lukshimi's fault.
14. Giles has just addressed the assembled company as kiddiwinkles. We decide, charitably, to assume it's down to the tiredness and not kill him.
15. Dave Henderson is mentioned.
16. Mustard.
17. Giles goes to techie and eat dojos. He has to save them from being etten by decor, who have no excuse to be  there.
18. AGM needs to be organised. Maybe we will have formal at Queens' afterward. It would have to be on a Sunday.
19. There will be mugs at some point to order, maybe.
20. Mao. And the Bruce game. It has Sheila in it. And gets increasingly confusing.
21. Cricket pads for working in libraries. 
22. Phenyl groups.
23. Meeting closed.

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