Minutes of the Pembroke College Winnie-the-Pooh Society Elevenses Meeting held on 25th March 2006 in the lounge and kitchen of 308 Mill Road,  alias Ida Cottage.

Present: Katie, Rachel H, Jack

Apologies: Stick Rosy down because she said sorry a lot, Rachel C

Guests: 2 daffodils, Rosy’s Dad (telephonically)


1                    Meeting opened.

2                    Much talking about uniqueness – a continuum or not?

3                    We have and insidious new committee member

4                    … or sinuous or something

5                    We have 43 minutes.

6                    The rain bounced up off the pavement and in the window – would need to bounce about 5 ft.

7                    Or maybe at about 60 degrees upwards from the pavement

8                    You might get Eddies – but they’re a bit big to fit in the window

9                    ‘Elton John and Eddie the Eagle are the same in my head’ Katie

10                ‘To optimise the length of a slope is in general a hard problem but not MP complete hard.’ Jack

11                Marbles on ski jumping.

12                If you are looking for a ski jumber they’re probably not in Cambridge

13                ‘ I hear decemberating squiggles is illegal in 3/5 countries asked’ Jack

14                How do you surrey a cat?

15                We could always get Rosy some coloured chalks.

16                Rachel will have a delayed Official Birthday after Aberdeen.

17                ‘Ordinand’, ‘Someone preparing to be an ordinal?’ ‘Oh, I thought it was a kind of number.’

18                Some discussion of athe CICCU mission and PoohSoc’s relationship to it.

19                Could the phrase ‘Promise directiong identity’ plausibly be part of a longer sentence?

20                I thought you said ‘Who are you?’ ‘That’s Jack!’

21                There’s nothing like illness to bring a family together.

22                ‘Jack! Your tongue’s slipped over’

23                You can’t cuddle a fish.

24                What would happen to a cold-water fish in a warm bath? Better to use a dolphin with a thermostat.

25                We haven’t voted for anything yet: Failed (0.2.0, 1 poilt)

26                Votes to commend Katie for the Chelsea buns: Passed

27                ‘Oh, Jack! You’re geeky, you’ll know…”

28                ‘At some point when I got to 24, I stopped smearing food on my reading material.’ Jack

29                Jack reads the minutes of 11.03.06

30                ‘If you try to have it anywahere other than directly above your centre of gravity, the leverage’s going to be hellish.’

31                Does Christopher Robin have to decide.

32                Votes to censure Rachel for not having sent us a postcard in montsh and months and months: Hung, CR decides against

33                Has the society ever had a debate?

34                Was it a green green bicycle helmet? No it was a blue and silver green bicycle helmet.

35                CR decides ‘I’ll just block theat minute from my memory’ on minute 25 from 11.3.06

36                Rachel put the teapot on, Rachel put the teapot on, Rachel put the teapot on, its time for tea.

37                ‘For some reason I passed that as a single hair’.

38                Was that an official, ‘Blegh!’? It was, so that’s OK.

39                What shape is a mistake? Like a misshapen steak, I suppose.

40                And what shape would that be? Icosohedral?

41                What’s an irregular icosoherdron like? Would it still all be triangles?

42                Icosohedral footballs made for Christmas.

43                Jack put the kettle on, etc.

44                Rachel C’s mug.

45                Jack’s not really a Mathmo at all. Well, he doesn’t wear yellow, and he’s not a goth.

46                Read us a poem Rachel! She reads…

47                ‘The Knight Whose Armour Didn’t Squeak’ with interfection, asides and interjections.

48                We hear of the life of St. Kentigern (pet name Mungo, feast 13th Jan) out of the Oxford Dictionary of Saints. But it doesn’t explain quite why he’s a saint.

49                Jack is talking geek: H624 encoders. Ahh! H2SO4 Professor. And the reciprocal of p to your good wife!

50                Is it a T or a + [cross]? Its both – a tau cross, t.

51                Something amusing in the minutes. Something in the minutes. Something amusing in the minutes. Something amusing in the minutes.

52                It looks like its stopped raining. its definitely not snowing.

53                A dusk story.

54                Rachel reads 'Twice Times'

55                ‘Bad bear’s thingummies were all worn thro’’ Oo-er.

56                Do you see mathematics as a force for good, bad or neither in the World?

57                Well, do you?

58                Is unique a binary state? Jack thinks it’s a continuum.

59                This conversation is circular.

60                Well, do you?

61                Is unique a binary state? Jack thinks it’s a continuum.

62                This conversation is circular.

63                See.

64                ‘If this is mead, I shall never really take to it.’

65                Why don’t we have society re-enactments?

66                It would require Rachel to climb up  trees on Naath’s back: Failed (3-nil)

67                We could re-enact Hunting the Woozles if only there was some snow.

68                In which Tigger comes to the forest… would be fun to do.

69                Would mobile phones go into continual ringing mode in Jack?

70                Strange failing bleeping locks.

71                ‘I can’t imagine anyone nooier than you’ Jack

72                A temperamental door – seems to be one which plays a tune. There’s one in manuscripts.

73                There should be arule against doors making loud noises or going ‘Hmm... aahh.’ (which would make you think that Marvin was going to pop out).

74                Rue Bunyan

75                Is that a French address?

76                Pendeo,-ere, pependi: vi. to hang; to overhang, hover; to hang down, be flabby; (fig.) to depend; to gaze, listen attentively; (mind) to be in suspense, be undecided.

77                Pendo,-ere, pensuni: vt. To weigh; to pay; (fig,) to ponder, value. vi. to weigh.

78                Mmm… books. Jack’s got some more bookshelves. One day he’ll have enough for all his books. Maybe.

79                Euphonious. A word Rachel and Jack like.

80                For a meeting of 3 people we have an awful lot of minutes.

81                Votes to commend Jack for not putting in the minutes any of the aliens that didn’t happen over the last year. Passed.

82                I’ve nearly run out of paper again.

83                Votse to censure Neil. Passed: F2: A0:A0

84                Heesh- a word for he and she. Example sentence: ‘If John and Susan go out to play tennis, they’ll need their tennis racket.’

85                Katie has read it somewhere.

86                Dave Henderson is mentioned.

87                Jokes – unfunniness.

88                Sat in the lounge one afternoon – ooh I need a hanger.

89                People getting scurvy after moving out for two weeks.

90                Parrottext or more correctly paratext (all the bits of a book that are not the text).

91                Books of great Pseudiness which don’t say anything.

92                The entropy of paper plates which disappear underneath sofas for 3 months.

93                Rachel’s computer voice recognition and handwriting recognition programs are discord in relation to their mates. [can’t read my writing. Ed.]

94                m, n, vega – a made up Greek letter

95                You want to buy stocks with a good a

96                According to Jack, Buddhists go ‘moo’ especially those in Asia.

97                Buddhists go ‘oom’ so maybe they go ‘moo’ when played backwards.

98                The very strange day is mentioned.

99                A square boat with wheels.

100            Katie being able to talk lots is not the sole aim in life.

101            Votes to close. Passed (Since Rachel has run out of white space.)

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