Minutes of the Pembroke College Winnie-the-Pooh Society elevenses meeting

Held on Saturday 3rd February 2007 in Oldham Hall Common Room, Lucy Cavendish College

Present: Jack, Council (CGM), Beetle (Alexander)

  1. You have to jiggle Anna's thing.
  2. Meeting declared open.
  3. Jack's 'phone is only one day out.
  4. The kettle boils.
  5. We had a rash of American exchange students.
  6. Tonights are fairly inevitable.
  7. The minutes of the previous elevenses meeting on 27th January are read.
  8. Lisa & Owen are pretty entitirific.
  9. Council doesn't like being considered an entity.
  10. vote that Council is a plurality who only gets one vote: 2 for, 2 against; carried
  11. That will take half an hour to warm up, but that's ok because the sun will take half an hour to go down.
  12. The minutes of the previous meeting continue to be read.
  13. A brief discussion is held with I Don't Know What Her Name Is and she takes a scōne, or possibly a scŏne.
  14. A short speech from Jack perplexes the rest of the meeting.
  15. oo-er.
  16. votes to commend Council for providing scones: 3 for; carried
  17. reading: 1.III: In which Pooh and Piglet go Hunting and nearly catch a Woozle
  18. "Oh!  His nose."  – Jack
  19. Beatrix Potter is discussed.
  20. vote to censure Beetle for non-Pooh related activity: failed
  21. Now the minute-writer has a pen, CGM's ear will be happy.
  22. "It possibly involves straps."  – Council
  23. Things in Council's pockets have to be resistant to snapping.
  24. "Yes, but it would be hard to stick behing my ear then."  – Council
  25. The Society and Karen are introduced to each other.
  26. Karen is a cyborg from a RTS sci-fi game.
  27. Jack is very impressed by Beetle's tea-cosy.
  28. Beetle says something and immediately inquires as to who said it.
  29. "things that would be amusing to write down"  – all present
  30. Coming late is a good thing.
  31. "boys"  – CGM
  32. "If you just bought this, I think you were ripped off.  But it depends what you paid for it."
  33. three votes
  34. The first one was something funny.
  35. vote: 0 one way, 2 the other way, 1 abstention; the other way.
  36. "It worked with my grandmother."  – Jack
  37. much confusion
  38. We have silly buggers.
  39. vote that Rob looks like one of the intermediate stages in the evolution diagram from ape to man, only don't tell him I said that: carried 2-nil
  40. Saturday lectures are annoying: 2 for, 1 abstention; carried
  41. vote: by day, mild-mannered bespectacled bionatsci Anna; by night, dark, mysterious Californian General Medical Council of Mystery
  42. CGM has nice, shy dimples
  43. Beetle's not going to have enough room.doodles
  44. Council thinks that that was implied.
  45. JV attempts to read the minutes from today's meeting, without much success.
  46. mmm, nougat success: motion abstained
  47. Council is not so awesome as to make two batches of scones.
  48. Beetle trusts his own.
  49. vote not to vote on it: 1 for, 1 against, 1 spoil (CR); CR's deciding vote for
  50. Yes, maybe take me (wrongly).
  51. The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy fog.
  52. "I could, you know, get you up to my room."
  53. There, there.
  54. "Excuse me, I have to go 'get killed by a Grue.'"
  55. Alex does his own "bings".
  56. "evil bunny quotes of doom": passed
  57. meeting closed
  58. various doodles, including two mugs, a tea-pot, a rabbit and an owl

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