Minutes of the Pembroke College Winnie-the-Pooh Society elevenses meeting

Held on Saturday 17th February 2007 in 7 Tennis Court Terrace, room 2 and kitchen

Present: Jon-g, Council (CGM), Beetle (Alexander), Jack V (CR)

  1. meeting opened
  2. implied sexuality between horses and people
  3. censure Sheila for causing us to have unconstitutional meetings: carried
  4. censure Sheila anyway: failed
  5. censure Sheila anyway: failed
  6. lots of minutes read
  7. Council explains Bilbo Baggins to the rest of us.
  8. It always has trouble cutting it.
  9. Minutes are taking away from CGM on account of her dyslexia.
  10. Ooh, double second.
  11. CR arrives, and abstains from the following vote:
  12. We should attempt to make pancakes: passed
  13. If you treat them all as functions that can be operated on, you can assign some meaning to it: passed
  14. Council doesn't have a real life.
  15. You're allowed to do stupid things.
  16. Speeding up the Earth's spin is hard.  Even compared to dividing something by 14 in your head, it's hard.
  17. In the interests of conservation of the natural environment, Jack is against speeding up the Earth.
  18. Let's not talk about American politics: passed by CR
  19. Jon-g suggests tar-and-feathering Sheila, but Jack points out the flaw in this – namely, that there are more of them.
  20. CGM doesn't poke Jon-g like that: passed
  21. "We can at least hang outside and make helpful comments." – Jack
  22. Kitchen:
    1. Jack is going to have the phrase "seeing her" stricken from the record.
    2. I'm going all intellectual feminist on you because I can: passed
  23. Call them Poohcakes instead of pancakes: failed
  24. Onomatopeia is an awasome word.
  25. Beetle left his mug in the kitchen: passed
  26. reading: 1.VII: In which Kanga and Baby Roo come to the Forest, and Piglet has a Bath
  27. Convoluted innuendo that requires much explanation from CR.
  28. Jack's mod 4 calculation thingy is broken.
  29. Beetle commended by vote on his Australian accent.
  30. I forgot the following minutes because we were in the kitchen.
  31. Jon-g was commended for pancake-flipping.
  32. The secretary hasn't been seen for two years.
  33. meeting closed

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