Minutes of the Pembroke College Winnie-the-Pooh Society elevenses meeting

Held on Saturday 3rd March 2007 in S9, Queens' College

present: Giles, CGM, Beetle, Lukshmi, Lillllian
apologies: Lisa & Owen

  1. Giles and CGM are left alone in the room together
  2. secretary is third person to arrive and therefore doesn't have to make up minutes of what happened before
  3. meeting open
  4. Giles shuts curtains
  5. Giles doesn't use sugar much
  6. Giles has sharp knives that cut through without crushing.  CGM uses scissors instead.
  7. "And, the really cool puch just adds to the geek look.  It's great." - Giles
  8. wine and trousers
  9. "Where's the fire button?" - beetle
  10. It's cheaper than electricity.
  11. commend Giles on cutting Soreen: 2 for, 1 against, 1 abstention
  12. It's basically beer in bread form.
  13. minutes of AGM and elevenses on 24th February read
  14. Giles is coming at me with a knife
  15. CGM doesn't know where Soreen should go in today's minutes.
  16. Giles makes a sentence and gets it wrong.
  17. Giles has cashed the cheque in minute No. 32 from the AGM.
  18. A knife works better than a teaspoon.
  19. MS is Mr. Sanders.
  20. Giles censured on mentioning the game.
  21. Cake can mean coke, especially space-cake.
  22. Lukshmi and Lil{2,}ian leave
  23. CGM reads Forgiven from Now We Are Six.
  24. Beetle uses up his term's allowance of Lines and Squares and thereby discovers why the society has the rule.
  25. Emergency escape ropes are discussed.  See minute No. 19 from AGM.
  26. pyrotechnics
  27. meeting closed

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